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The Jack items because they are stylish and tradionally colored.
Enigma Neko's avatar

Blessed Humorist

My favorite Gaia Halloween-themed items are the new skin potions.
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Golden Sex Symbol

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my fav item is pale triplet, and Saint ciel and aurora kitties <3
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Interesting Werewolf

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My favorite item this year is the Wolf Snatcher Hoodie xd
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My favorite Halloween item is the Treacherous Gravekeeper Hat~ I love it's creepy gothic feel.
Ghosty, because it's cute and simple. c:
Kari Page's avatar

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  • Contributor 150
i agree with collizio on this halloween themed item
Ghost Skin 2k10. I think it's because of the vacant stare, mainly I suppose it's because I like the colour? whee
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  • Money Never Sleeps 200
my favorite is the Jack's 2k12 Pumpkin Monocle because of it's neat design and the slight bulkiness, it gives it a neat, almost steampunk look.
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Sparkly Phantom

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You know what? I'm going old school here; my favorite Halloween themed item was the Zombie G-Corp shirt. I appreciate the way the new events show a lot of hard work put into making them fun, and they have been since as long as I've been a member. The old events might have meant numerous Sushi errors and lagged like dial-up with a speech impediment, but there was something gratifying about finally attaining an item.

I would appreciate the gold because there are so many recent items I would enjoy having... I would love the gold, because Halloween was my first Gaia event after only being a member for three short days and Gaia has been my homepage as well as a source of numerous friendships. So it would be poetic, in a way.

...Also, amusingly enough, eight years in and I've yet to win a contest.
Sanguine Shiek is a cool Halloween item plus Succubi Modesty. arrow My Opinion smile
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my faverite haloween item for gaia would have to be the jack2k7 armour set cause it looks awesome and kinda looks like your wearing pumkins for armour
I love the furniture bundles this year. Very elegant color choices. The skin potions in the treeehouse are cool too.
zendrahna's avatar

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  • Gaian 50
  • Member 100
I can't think of just one favorite item. They are all pretty cool.

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