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No I’m not a fan! 0.13524793096131 13.5% [ 1912 ]
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The Jacked-up Shirt! mrgreen
 bamstick 's avatar

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⋎⋎⋎⋎⋎ definitely band of bremen.
it looks really classy and elegant. and i like horses. but who doesn't?

i should win because my avatar sucks. simple, right?
날 따라 해봐요
Kenshin Belmont's avatar

Unbeatable Hunter

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My favorite Halloween item (at least I'm almost sure it's a Halloween item) has got to be the bat swarm. I can't remember which year that was released but I always have it equipped on my avatar cuz it's a vampire hunter and it just looks plain awesome on it.
Jack's Bat Clip 4laugh i love it!
Xeganthy's avatar

Handsome Genius

Antipathy. The revenge of the fallen ones will be worth it. The dead shall be forgotten. Their blood will be cleansed.

OT: Nah, I just love it. And it's color red, I like red.
louiegeekun's avatar

Newbie Gaian

The Jack's 2k12 hat
It looks pretty good heart
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My favorite Halloween item would have to be Trick-or-Treat Pumpkin Pail. Because it's so cute, and tiny. I had this item for so many years and I love how you can just hold on to it. Oh and also because I love pumpkins! blaugh
my favorite item for Halloween was the jacked up shirt. i entered the contest because i love gaia. i first joined gaia in 2005 when we had the personals shop and was stil go-gaia.com unfortunately it was hacked and everything i had was gone. nothing was done to get it back so i don't on gaia as much any more. i love gaia and i just entered to reminiscence about good time
Misanthropic Miko's avatar

Magical Cat

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My favorite Gaia Halloween-themed item is the EI called Trick or Treat Tote. heart 3nodding
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The Drop Dead Gorgeous dresses, all of them, since I can't chose just one colour. xp blaugh
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my fave is the house bundles in the cash shop!!! THOSE LOOK AWESOME!!!!!
Scarlet Rose Miko's avatar

Angelic Star

10,850 Points
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  • Magical Girl 50
My favorite Gaia Halloween-themed item is the Crimson Thornhall Bundle.
iRin Kagamine105's avatar

4,400 Points
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  • Person of Interest 200
  • Dressed Up 200
My favorite Halloween item is Antipathy 2nd Gen because, It has more of a "Halloween Spirit" thing! When I see people wearing it I think wow they really enjoy Halloween! Plus it's just out there! I believe it's better than our past Halloween objects!
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biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin

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