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J U N 3 C H A N 's avatar

Newbie Noob

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My favorite Halloween themed item is the Von Helson Militia Coat.
It looks really great on my avatar and is currently one of the items i am questing for.
Also since i am on the Von Helson side... It shows my pride in my team 3nodding
Hope we win haha
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it would have to be grunnies!!! their just like a ZoMbIe virus!! heart <3 go grunnies
RawrzyDino's avatar

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My favorite Halloween item is the Jack's headphones, because they're stylish and cool. smile
tinaliaQI's avatar

Fashionable Shapeshifter

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The Jack 2007 pumpkin ballgown. It's so classy, I even wear it when it's not Halloween
Castiel Lover's avatar

Man-Hungry Nerd

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  • Nerd 50
  • Angelic Alliance 100
Jack's 2k9 Coat is the best trick or treat item Gaia has put out, so far. It's an amazing coat. It looks cute on both guy and girl avis.
Ripplewaves's avatar

Dapper Hunter

My favorite halloween item? It's from.... Sheezus I've been on here for a long time. The Jackster uniform (The whole friggin thing) from back in '08. It was my first halloween here and I've always loved the dark jester look.
Madam Flufflez's avatar

Sparkly Seeker

5,350 Points
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  • Market Browser 100
My favorite Halloween item is Ravenwood Manor. And, I never got to participate with one of these contests before it would be my first time catching this big opportunity. To win something. I never got to win any contest in my life. And, with 100,000k I can get things for my friends for their gaia x-mas presents and birthdays. ^^ There's especially a friend I'd like to help in particular so she has her dream avi. ^^
maggie iratus's avatar

Smitten Kitten

The Jacked Up Shirt. I love it so much that I wear it pretty much all year round. It's classic Gaia. It has a good balance of black and orange so that it's wearable more than just in October. The jack-o-lantern face is really cute. It's even more special to me because it was a particularly hard quest that I finally got in 2006. It's just the best item.

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Favorite Halloween themed item right now is the dark dark elf potion... which I don't have enough wing stickers to get. ;n; Reason: Because dark elves are cool.
Huge update to DC? Does that mean better DC items, I Hope?
Cold Earl Grey's avatar

Deadly Poster

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Honestly my favorite Halloween themed item(S) were the Jack'd 2k6 skirt and shirt. I swear, I put those on, and didn't take them off for at -least- a year. they were just that sweet. (and I don't even like orange!)
Nychu's avatar

Shy Friend

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Antipathy is my favorite because how you made it bleed and how the blood looks awesome.
Ps:I wish I would win.
Katasaki's avatar


Vial of Unknown Liquid.

Back in 2004 you guys had the best Halloween event ever.
So many questions to ask about what to do when you become a zombie, where the zombies were coming from, what to do when you saw a zombie gaian.
and man oh man, was it fun.

Maybe I'm just being nostalgic, but I legitimately miss being able to shoot zombie users in the face.

And the items you could get for doing it for so long, totally worth it.
BlackFoxette's avatar

Loyal Gatekeeper

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where the hell is our halloween common shop update xD
thraxbaby's avatar

Precious Vampire

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My favorite Gaia Halloween-themed item is definately this year's Jack's 2k12 Widebrim Hat. Just look at it! I have a thing for hats and this one is definately the best in Gaia! It looks nice, it's Halloweeny, it's free, and I'm probably not taking it off for a long long long time!

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