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my favorite halloween items on gaia online are definitely
the witchling set ! i remember when they first came out i was
so excited, and those dresses can be used in non-halloween
avatars, too.
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The Enforcer666
Existential Existence

shameless plug: click on an avatar above. click it. click it click it click i tclikc i tlkjlc;lija;ldf

i'd rather you*creepyface.bmp*

that....cannot be arranged burning_eyes
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Apocalyptic Deadeye

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My favorite Halloween themed item would have to be the Cash Shop items for this year's event.
Such wonderful stuff!
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Hoarding Shapeshifter

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My favorite Halloween item....
I think the werewolf item from last year's halloween is still are at the top of my list. I mean..... a free (well kinda free cuz you had to do the event to get it) item that lets you pick to become one of the many wolves that you could've been during the event.

Totally awesome in my book!

I'd be so happy if they did that with vampire vs elves this year but seeing that they released those potions in the wing shop....most likely not happening *shrug*
J 4 C K's avatar

Perfect Pumpkin

My favorite item is "Jack's Disgust". It's classic. Goes over just about every other item out there. You can't hide it if you're wearing it. It also has the most perfect expression.
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Blessed Pumpkin

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Bogie is my favourite Halloween item, though it may not be considered one. I just think Bogie is the perfect black cat for Halloween, especially with the eye colour.
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Moonlight Lunatic

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Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Reaping Sword is my favorite Halloween item because it's such an elegant blade. The Jack base is pretty awesome too. mrgreen
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Shirtless Werewolf

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Hi ! the reason i want to enter this contest because I wanted to earn gold like you said and i really need it so i tried. and the item for the holloween is the antipathy item
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Anxious Reveler

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my favorite halloween item is Mournful Wail because it looks are so cool and quite frightening at your first thought
Junett's avatar


My favorite halloween item is the new antipathy ei, since it's very gory and dark. Perfect for halloween.
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Greedy Fatcat

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I love the Gothic Veil. It was the first item on Gaia that I really wanted. Every Tektek I made included that item. It's just so cute and halloween-y! 4laugh
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Noble Paladin

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my favorite is Bakeneko set. why? is because you be a cute kitty or rabbit.
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Sonic Werewolf

Tentacle monsters, the fiends! emotion_donotwant
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I think it's great! biggrin I love to know what's going and new up dates! heart Keep up the good work!!!! rofl biggrin 3nodding
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High-functioning Punk

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I love all the shop keepers halloween outfits. My favorites are Ian whos the Doctor, Louie whos my favorite demon butler Sebastian and Cresento as Loki. GENIUS GUYS! PURE SEXY GENIUS! heart

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