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i'm very disapointed on that everytime i go to towns 2 i cant write or do emotions . i need you to awnser me and tell me what to do so that can come back gonk
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jacked up pants, since ive started gaia i have always loved them pants
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Wheezing Gawker

Although its not so much a Halloween item, I always sport the Sharp Fish Teeth around Halloween time.
I like that they take up the whole lower face and paired with Zorro Mask, I look like a creep. And looking like a creep for Halloween is a beautiful thing.
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I love the Von Helson Bat Familiar. He's so chubby.
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Antipathy is the best item to be used foe Halloween its bloody its gutty and its scary whats a Halloween without blood and guts its the gaia's bloodiest item its whats Halloween is all about
Probably Ravenwood Manor, it just fits with halloween and its a really cool item 3nodding
I'll pick the Jacked-up Shirt, it's a classic look. razz
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Fashionable Humorist

Gothic Veil because it is a simple and elegant halloween themed item.
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Fluffy Fatcat

Gaia Halloween Themed Item and why:

My Favorite would have to be; Any of the items that included the blood.
This year it was Ghastly Instruments :3
>u< but there are so many to choose from. Sqwee
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The jacked-up shirt, though I do miss the glitch that went with it being equipped with the nitemare scarf
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Demonic Man-Lover

My favorite halloween themed item would probably be the halloween SDPLUS Bloody Mary Doll.

I think it holds very special meaning to me
because I have always been a fan of the phenomenon known as Bloody Mary, as well as the drink, hilariously.
I had always been scared of Bloody Mary, yet I feel so incredibly interested into her,
and I feel a bit seamlessly attached to the item, despite me not having it.

I have decided I should quest for the item,
and when I achieve my goal, it would hold a place in my inventory, and sentimentally in my heart.
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i thik thmonthly letter with the mornful wail i love the hair and the eyes wqe need more items that have long hair in them ^_^ and item that change yoru eyes >.> i would love to see the undertakers hair from black butler....just saying we have close calls but none of us can do him yet we need his hair !! so back to mornfal wait YES I LOVE IT!
The faction familiars are so cute.
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I have never really been a fan of the halloween items. I do, however, collect the christmas items.XD
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Since my birthday is on the 31st i love most of the Halloween themed items on here although i really like the jacks despair face,he looks so cute yet sad its awesome rofl

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