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Do you like hanging out in Towns, Rally or Virtual Hollywood?

Yes I Love it! 0.20862372673662 20.9% [ 2724 ]
Yes but you need more updates! 0.32855939342881 32.9% [ 4290 ]
No I’m not a fan! 0.25503561308111 25.5% [ 3330 ]
I didn’t know it existed! 0.024814275867351 2.5% [ 324 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.18296699088611 18.3% [ 2389 ]
Total Votes:[ 13057 ]
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Shirtless Cat


Rally sucks emotion_donotwant

How could you says that ;_;

I'm sorry. gonk
It's just so boring though. D:
I like the Vampire's Bat Swarm. It's just cool.
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Quick GO

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"Have a good breakfast men..

Antipathy is the best Halloween themed item because of its bloody & horrific effect on the avatar which helps on adding a realistic touch of a scary/monstrous theme on the avi.

..for we dine in Hades!"

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Dedicated Wench

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My favorite Halloween item was the Kuro sword! From Zelda on up have always been a fan of swordsman. It's gorgeously crafted - love it! Something more traditionally Halloween themed - those animated pumpkins and the bats are pretty neat too!
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Interesting Seeker

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Gravedigger's Spectral Cloak, cause it shows off my dark side.
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Cold Champion

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My favorite Halloween themed item was the Von Helson Militia Coat.
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Demonic Pants

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I loved the helsing gun from this years Halloween event. It looks so cool! We really needed a cool looking gun item.
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right now its antipathy because i like gore
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What’s your favorite Gaia Halloween Themed Item and why!

My Favorite item is the Jack's Monocle. That item rules like a sir.
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Sparkly Fairy

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I liked Jacks Bat Clip because it had some interesting options for my old Avi.
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Newbie Noob

town is the best thing invented
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Perfect Noob

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Favorite Halloween Related Item: Little Black Bat

Reason: Because bats are awesome and it also let you turn into a bat, which was pretty friggin' cool for Halloween.
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Invisible Regular

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I really like the skin from the SIN vs Overseer event. I really liked how it looked I wished it wasn't soulbound. I also like the Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Twisted Hat. It just really looks good and I feel like I can wear it all year round.
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Sweet Lunatic

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I like Lucky the Cat, perfect for Halloween lol a black cat, and it's really cute yum_puddi really expensive though :<
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Lonely Lover

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My favorite Halloween item is the pumpkin fluff because it's by far the most adorable. It also reminds me of the event of that year that I adored.

I also used to love towns and hang out with friends in it, however due to the update it's become majorly laggy and few people I know use housing anymore due to it. Also don't know a single person who thinks towns 2.0 is a good idea. Just wanted to throw those things out there to the devs.

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