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Do you like hanging out in Towns, Rally or Virtual Hollywood?

Yes I Love it! 0.20862372673662 20.9% [ 2724 ]
Yes but you need more updates! 0.32855939342881 32.9% [ 4290 ]
No I’m not a fan! 0.25503561308111 25.5% [ 3330 ]
I didn’t know it existed! 0.024814275867351 2.5% [ 324 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.18296699088611 18.3% [ 2389 ]
Total Votes:[ 13057 ]
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Girl-Crazy Giver


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My favorite Halloween item is probably the good old Jack Shirt. it's just a plain black t-shirt with a jack-o-lantern on it... and it is awesome.
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Magical Girl

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Favorate Halloween item? I think I'd say the Pumpkin Fluff plush from Halloween 2k10, because it's so cute, and allows you to turn into a Pumpkin Fluff, which are no longer at zOMG as foes....so sad, I miss them...I like cute things....
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i love town and rally's and hollywood but i think it would be cooler if you added like a virtual place that each gaia person can go to and make there own theme and own world
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The Vampire Hunter and Werewolf Hunter items are my personal favorites. They were perfect for my Vampire Hunter D and Van Helsing (Jackman) cosplays!
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What’s your favorite Gaia Halloween Themed Item and why!

Sentinel's Death Portal!
Its my favorite because, first, its just a cool item. Portals are awesome, and the idea that my avi is a dimensional traveler is very appealing. And second, it was the first purple item I was really attracted to; it lead me to experiment with other purple items.
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Aekea Explorer

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Halloween items wise, I think my favorite was "Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Reaping Sword." I like it because of the design. In a way it looks more like a Vorpal Blade than a sword, which is pretty neat.
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i just like collecting the stuff in towns the hanging out part not so much (bad experiences is all i'll say)
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My favorites are the Pumpkin Fluff from a while back because I love Zomg and i think the fluffs are adorable

Antipathy is the other one because I like the gore and scariness. It can make any avatar ominous! c:
I think mine would have to be The Nightmare. I enjoy horror styled things, and that's perfect. Especially the I Am's you can be.
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I like the Halloween item Trick or Treat Tote. The grin is just chagrinning. Pun intended.
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Shy Demigod

I Liked Doing The Jack Quest In Towns To Earn Items By Trick Or Treating ^.~
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I like the Bat familiar item from the halloween event because it is cute and would make an interesting edition to a vampire themed costume or day to day dress up.
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I would say the 2k12 Von Helson Gun. That is one beautiful flintlock.
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Enduring Gaian

I don't know if my favorite "item"can be called an item but it is the grombie skin. I especially like it now that I can try other skins as well. When I first got it, I absolutely hated my original avi to the point I turned it around so I didn't have to look at the face rofl I figured anything was an improvement after that. As time went on the grombie look grew on me more and more. I will also admit to having a secret conceit about it when people wanted one for themselves. I also like how the eyes looked with sunglasses and the different avi looks I made. One year I even entered the avi arena as a Jackson Pollock painting, the grombie color worked well with that.Te color of the skin works so well with everything.

User ImageUser ImageUser Image
User Image
Jackson Pollock eat your heart out. rofl

I've had a lot of fun with the skin.

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