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• Assuming the same number of Manga Pages per month, Which Manga distribution method do you like best?

One Page a Day 5 Days a Week 0.18169063486496 18.2% [ 2590 ]
Two to Three Updates a Week 0.18568923184847 18.6% [ 2647 ]
One Update per Week 0.26762539459839 26.8% [ 3815 ]
One Update per Month 0.096667835847071 9.7% [ 1378 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.26832690284111 26.8% [ 3825 ]
Total Votes:[ 14255 ]
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Why's everyone choosing Gino huh mad
Thought Liam's the hottest -_-
I...know someone who is almost like Gino.... ninja So to say it's Gino...
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*hands down*
diedrich, cause his greens kin reminds me of uhmm, Beast-boy from Teen Titans
and cause he can make babies at the speed of light.
and i love fat things wink
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Dfinetly loved Edmund, he is so bad a** for a old guy.
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Naruto is my favorite manga character because hes awesome and his words can change peoples hearts. You may not see it but he likes wise. Hes stronger then any other character in the naruto manga. But like he's awesome and cool. That is my favorite manga character.
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I admit I'm a Gino fan, but how come you never see Rosie anywhere?
There are several ignored NPCs ^ ^ '
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My favorite character is Gambino. Bring him back. = P

(seriously, the manga sucks)
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User Image

One page a day, five days a week!!

Although I wouldn't blame them if they decided no to- drawing such epic manga is hard-a** work.
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Gino rulez! cat_3nodding
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I like gino. He's Stubborn. heart
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It is important for business to update once a week, sorta like xbox, in this way you have some time and your keeping up with the new viruses that might pop up....just an opinion though
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Edmond, I don't know why but I've always liked him
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I like sir don kuro with his sporadic mood changes from sweet,innocent young man to a cold hearted leader in less then a nano-second XD it's so thrilling to see which side he'll switch to next.
Jackie Woodbane
Obviously Liam. Not only is he sexy, but his poem from Valentine's Day was hilarious. xD
"Roses are red, violets are blue. My abs are sick, and so are you."

Yay 1 vote for Liam xp
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Dapper Gekko

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Lazarus Larkin
My favorite character is Gambino. Bring him back. = P

(seriously, the manga sucks)
He died, bro. There is no comeback gambino.

Unless he became... A ZOMBIE!

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