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• Assuming the same number of Manga Pages per month, Which Manga distribution method do you like best?

One Page a Day 5 Days a Week 0.18169063486496 18.2% [ 2590 ]
Two to Three Updates a Week 0.18568923184847 18.6% [ 2647 ]
One Update per Week 0.26762539459839 26.8% [ 3815 ]
One Update per Month 0.096667835847071 9.7% [ 1378 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.26832690284111 26.8% [ 3825 ]
Total Votes:[ 14255 ]
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Edmund is good to have on your side.
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I have no idea if I'm late.
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Edmund is loyal.
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heart heart heart heart heart
Who is your favorite character from this month’s Manga and why?

I personally think Don Kuro.

I just appreciate villains who's got a cute touch to him (i.e. shortness).


I think you guys did a good job on starting his development the way you did.
He's the one character I look forward to seeing more development of amongst anyone else.
The fact that he's being so viciously strict and powerful ascends my interest in the story. He really does add to the manga, and without a guy like him, the manga, in my opinion, wouldn't be as suspenseful or dark. After all, he makes the orders, right? Well, he's a very good character, and I would definitely like to see him more in the future! Can't wait to see what stirs up in the manga now!
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I like Gino because of his tough exterior and how he can take care of himself. & I also really like his appearance. It matches his personality suuuper well haha heart mrgreen heart
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edmund ...hes always been my favorite ...hes a cool dude

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