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• Assuming the same number of Manga Pages per month, Which Manga distribution method do you like best?

One Page a Day 5 Days a Week 0.18169063486496 18.2% [ 2590 ]
Two to Three Updates a Week 0.18568923184847 18.6% [ 2647 ]
One Update per Week 0.26762539459839 26.8% [ 3815 ]
One Update per Month 0.096667835847071 9.7% [ 1378 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.26832690284111 26.8% [ 3825 ]
Total Votes:[ 14255 ]
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Swashbuckling Phantom

Edmund cuz he is awesome 3nodding
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Gino Gino Gino is cool ,more mature, and i like how he helps the characters here, i like to be like him mrgreen mrgreen rofl
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Edmund, just love how he is dealing with Gino and the others.
About time a strong minded and smart person joined the company wink

"Quote me if you want to chat to me"

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Gino Cuz He Is Super Hot
and thanks You Gaia
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don kuro. I always root for the bad guys to win. smile
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I like reading the story's and would like to see more of them sooner.
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Who is your favorite character from this month’s Manga and why?

Answer: My favorite character is Edmund. He seems like an interesting character with much that we still do not know about him. I'm glad his character is receiving more attention.
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Edmund because he knows what he's doing. xp Also he has an awesome suit.
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imma go with the crowd of Gino lovers .w. why? he's not only hot, he's a character who could be anybody, XD if anybody was in a manga. he's also quite interesting in the way he learns to grow up in the absence of his father. seeing him overcome obstacle after obstacle (even if some of his survival is a fluke XD) And again on the subject of him growing up it's not just the de.ath of his father but also what he sees around him that convinces him he needs to change for the greater good. things such as Meili sacrificing himself for Gino, And the dream he has about his father, etc.

did i forget to mention he's hot? wink

yeah yeah I'm bored and I got nothing to do. [insert troll face here]

yuss .w.
Who is your favorite character from this month’s Manga and why?

This is a tough question but.... I would have to say Edmund
User Image

I love how calm and confident he is as he takes on everyone. He never shows his weakness because his shipmates need someone strong... especially Gino. I love how he can be sweet and like a dad one minute and the next a joker. Plus he doesn't brag about how awesome he is. He can give vampires scars! D: Yet he acts like he's just a normal guy.

Zhivago would be 2nd place
I really love the drama around him. This month's manga shows that there's more to him then meets the eye. He's in a tough bind and is about to snap.... I just know it. And I feel for him having to work for that evil elf midget who clearly doesn't know anything about the amazing Edmund. There's so much emotion on Zhivago's face here.
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Sure Zhivago's evil... but even bad people have feelings too. So I'm very interested in seeing what he does next. Especially since he seems to have a bit of a relationship with that elf woman Cordell. ¬u¬
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My favorite is probably Gino at the moment.
I remember how childish and somewhat spoiled Gino was when he was first introduced, what with the whole rich boy living in his father's shadow thing. Now we're finally getting to see him grow up and actually become (or attempt to become) independent. That, and he is sorta cute.

Though I am sorta leaning toward Don Kuro... That whole conflict in appearance vs. personality is entertaining, and I always like the oh-so-adorable tough guy characters... Hm..
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Moira the reason for it is she just clicks with me personality wise. I love her shop and honestly she reminds me of a girl I use to look up to in high-school. whee
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Who is your favorite character from this month’s Manga and why?

Everyone says Gino, but I personally like Don Kuro he's very inspiring and funny and pretty!! I think his character/personality is fit for him and the way he acts... Like he looks like an angel on the front page, but in the manga he's a bad guy! I LOVE how he thinks he's like the "manager." Don Kuro’s character's interesting, being the way he is. I like Sir Don Kuro with his sporadic mood changes from sweet, innocent young man to a cold hearted leader in less then a nano-second. It's so thrilling to see which side he'll switch to next. Don Kuro is definitely my favorite character. I have a bit of a thing for character development, especially villainous character development. Don Kuro is one such villain who seems to have incredible depth of character considering how much power he holds over his subjects, and also considering how much mystery surrounds him in the unfolding manga. He seems to have an air of danger and volatility about him, and this is rather attractive in a villain, especially when that air is able to be conveyed through a comic strip. I am truly looking forward to seeing the great battle that is almost sure to come between Don Kuro and our heroes, and I am very curious to see who will be victorious.
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gino because of his hair neutral

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