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• Assuming the same number of Manga Pages per month, Which Manga distribution method do you like best?

One Page a Day 5 Days a Week 0.18169063486496 18.2% [ 2590 ]
Two to Three Updates a Week 0.18568923184847 18.6% [ 2647 ]
One Update per Week 0.26762539459839 26.8% [ 3815 ]
One Update per Month 0.096667835847071 9.7% [ 1378 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.26832690284111 26.8% [ 3825 ]
Total Votes:[ 14255 ]
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Fashionable Genius

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Fashionable Explorer

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Don Kuro, because he's all tough guy and in charge, but he looks all sweet and innocent!
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Profitable Seeker

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  • Treasure Hunter 100
hmmmm. Right now? I would have to say...Rina. xD
I always like Rina. She's so cute ^_^
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4,700 Points
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  • Peoplewatcher 100
  • Dressed Up 200
The owl (on the 'out of the shadows' cover). He's so cute I'm pretty sure he needs a storyline mrgreen
I'd love to win, please please please help me out! heart I was trying to get myself & my gaia friends som extra gold we've been needed donated to us! Please pick me, thanks yall are amazing! Love ya'll! (:
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My favorite character from this months manga is Zhivago, one because he is an intersting character two his personality is seemenly entertaining, three he's a hard a**, four i noticed his character has devolveped through out the manga in a way i would not expect and i love to see that in a manga character, five he's trapped in a situation and is dealing with it in his own way which i totally love, six i find him enjoyable and would love to hang with him, and finally i believe he puts a spice in the manga.
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Beloved Friend

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Who is your favorite character from this month’s Manga and why?
i like ian he is only a vampire but he acys just like a human .even though he haves a rival for for his one true love Sasha.
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Hygienic Genius

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I like them all honestly because I like the variety. I would be too bored if there was only one or two.
rolleyes surprised lol surprised wink whee 3nodding biggrin smile wahmbulance cheese_whine cheese_whine
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i love Love LOVE Gino!!!!! xp heart
Edmund. Because he is Edmund. Need I say more?

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