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What element of zOMG is your favorite?

The Characters, Art & Storyline! 0.094465436763725 9.4% [ 1700 ]
Battling Monsters with Friends! 0.11002444987775 11.0% [ 1980 ]
Adventuring & Exploring the World of Gaia! 0.12536119137586 12.5% [ 2256 ]
All of the Above! 0.38714158701934 38.7% [ 6967 ]
I’m not interested in zOMG! 0.1195265614581 12.0% [ 2151 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.16348077350522 16.3% [ 2942 ]
Total Votes:[ 17996 ]
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zomg zomg zomg <3
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My favorite thing about zOMG! was exploring solo until they unlocked the Deadman's Shadow part in zOMG! which was made too hard to try exploring solo and made it so I had to join other players who ended up putting me off playing zOMG! from then onwards and haven't played it since then.
Only team part I enjoyed on zOMG! was the event fight against jack, I just love exploring by myself more then staying somewhere in a group

Awe I would gladly help you with DMS if you wanted. Don't worry, not everyone is a jerk in the game. There are some nice people. I don't know between the gold nerf scaring a lot of oldies away and the endless end boss glitch, I do admit some players have become more greedy and selfish. Like when I started we were just happy to complete end boss in three to four hours, now people get mad if things glitch up so bad it takes a hour. But yes dead man's shadow is an area that if you don't find the right mix of personalities in a crew, it ends up being miserable to be in I think. It's probably why I prefer shallow seas to dead man's shadow. Honestly my first bloodlust success took 36 hours, so with that amount of time, I got to know my crew very well. xd

Thanks for offering, I guess it still lags by the sounds of it, had lagging effect when played in past with some of the bosses, I haven't tried it in ages I do have some 10CL rings that I leveled up before I was put off but some of the other players keeped complaining about the ones I didn't have at that level I haven't looked at zOMG! since then but might have a little look at it today, I'm not really obsessed with gold gathering on zOMG! never really have been with zOMG! having the glitches I usually just enjoyed traveling round exploring by myself I would see others but only odd person would say anything, I think I might have gone to shallows seas once with others which was okay but don't remember if went right through, Ive hardly traveled into DMS I had trouble getting through first few monsters from what I can remember

edit:-went on found myself at gold beach must have been orb farming when I decided to leave zOMG!

No problem. I'll try adding you so you can find me easier and asking a clan I'm in to add you. They do dms and ss runs especially during the summer and everyone is really friendly in it. Personally when I lead, I don't mind carrying four buffs just so an 8cl can do shallow seas. For the lag I would recommend using Chrome and turning all settings to low. I'm actually using an independent browser called Flock that runs more smooth for my laptop with zOMG! You don't have to be a gold farmer to enjoy zOMG! I like playing Village Greens or other areas. I have so many badges to work on, so I like exploring all of zOMG! to get them. But yeah don't worry, you'll find friends. Sometimes it just takes longer than others. I had a really nice Gaian take me under her wing as a noob and I beat end boss after a month of joining Gaia thanks to her. The kindness shown by me by players and by developers early on my Gaia life really made want to return the favor to others, so I'll gladly help you with anything you want to do in zOMG! biggrin

Thank you Ive added you as a friend gonna look up flock and chrome I have been using mozilla firefox but have been for years then might go on zOMG! for a little exploring
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My favorite part about zOMG is that it gets updated...oh wait >.>
So glad to see zOMG get some limelight! I have loved it every aspect since it first came out and this account was made to play zOMG on primarily, since my main account has a bunch of cold shoulder glitches and leveling up was really hard. sad I got really into it (like ridiculously addicted to zOMG) in 2011, when my husband was really sick with cancer - I dressed my avatar in ugly clothes and killed all the bad guys and I used it as an imaging too for myself. I imagine my ugly avatar as chemotherapy (chemo isn't pretty!) and the ugly animated as cancer cells. I loved killing them! And if I dazed? Defib! Revive. There is no stopping you! I loved it. And it symbolizes where we are no, - no stopping us!

While I have the floor, I urge everyone to check it out! Don't let zOMG get swept under the rug! It's such a great community! Some of my closest Gaian friends I met in the zOMG world. It's great, with great people. I am sure you'll find a wonderful friend there.

It's a good way to earn gold for your quests, but beside that, it is a LOT of fun. You get to interact with people while playing a fun game.

I just want to say that I took the time to read what you wrote. My grandma had cancer and she survived it thankfully but I can say I never thought of zomg! In quite the way you do but that is very true and really well said, your relation of zomg! Elements to a cancer battle. And yes zomg! is amazing for netting people and having fun. Meeting, not netting. That would just be mean..."hey you. Bam! You've been netted!" *traps random stranger in a net for no apparent reason.* haha anyway ya just wanted to say I like what you wrote.
My favorite part about zOMG is that it gets updated...oh wait >.>

Haha I love your signature. ^.^ Cheshire Cat for the freaking win! I dressed up as the Cheshire Cat in my last year for Halloween. And that was at 18 years old haha. I actually won a prize for that too.
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zOMG <3333 *u*
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I love playig zOMG it's so fun and you get to hang out with friends
same here
zOMG is really cool :3
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I went ahead with the 'all of the above' option, since I couldn't narrow it down between the options given. If I had to pick a single favourite element of zOMG!, it would likely be the ring system - it's essentially just like the avatar system (with lots of mix-and-match customisation), if only your avatar's pants could shoot lasers. Now that may seem like a minor difference, but some of us appreciate the little things in life. wink

In all seriousness, zOMG! hits on something fundamentally Gaian; being able to define yourself - and
re-define yourself - with just a few clicks of the mouse is part of what keeps people coming back to the site in general, and it's what I think stands to be the biggest draw for zOMG!. There are a few hiccoughs keeping it from doing that effectively right now (the ring effects don't 'match' very well, and aren't particularly evocative), but the underlying principle is still perfectly sound.

zOMG! also does an excellent job evoking Gaia's community aspect through its gameplay, which is probably its biggest draw as-is; as a Forum, Gaia puts a big emphasis on socialization, so the opportunity to actually get in and play with your friends is a huge plus. And that's not really a coincidence, either; all of the things that Gaia's about are what zOMG! is (trying to be) about. In general, I think it's fair to say that Gaians like zOMG! for the same reasons they like Gaia - at their cores, the two aren't really as different as they might seem...
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Thanks for mentioning zOMG! blaugh I love that game so much and is one of the only things keeping me coming to Gaia. I don't post in the forums as often as I used to. I decided to go with the "All of the above" option because I was having such a hard time choosing, I love all three of those things about zOMG! The art is very cute and I do enjoy it a lot (especially the Zen Gardens, wow is that place beautiful), I love fighting the monsters, and getting gold and orbs for hours, and exploring Gaia is so fun, and I only hope we can explore Aekea one day in zOMG! Overall zOMG! is just a great game, I love playing it, and to anyone reading this, you should definitely play it. biggrin

PS if you selected the last option of the poll you irritate me. talk2hand
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I love zomg. Its awesome. You make friends and gold at the same time.it has bad lag though so i think more people would play if it had less lag.
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii xp

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