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What element of zOMG is your favorite?

The Characters, Art & Storyline! 0.094465436763725 9.4% [ 1700 ]
Battling Monsters with Friends! 0.11002444987775 11.0% [ 1980 ]
Adventuring & Exploring the World of Gaia! 0.12536119137586 12.5% [ 2256 ]
All of the Above! 0.38714158701934 38.7% [ 6967 ]
I’m not interested in zOMG! 0.1195265614581 12.0% [ 2151 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.16348077350522 16.3% [ 2942 ]
Total Votes:[ 17996 ]
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Chocolate Vodka's avatar

Paladin Vampire

<3 zomg. could use some more love though
RafiCat's avatar

Mega Hoarder

I like everything about zomg except the fact that it needs a lot more areas and quests!

When I first joined Gaia I nearly left after a couple of days because it wan't interesting, then I tried zomg and got hooked. Made friends. It's the only reason I'm still here.

You guys have not done nearly enough with the game!
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Liberal Genius

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I tried it for a while but it just didn't capture my interest.
suimiin's avatar

Loved Hellraiser

User Image
          yum_strawberry Dev meat ended with a BIG group hug to Mavdoc. :3
          See you all next week!
Cerulean Miko's avatar

Blessed Survivor

16,050 Points
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Thank you for the info. 3nodding
Add more rings, maps, monsters in zomg smile
Rubytic's avatar

Aged Gaian

suimiin's avatar

Loved Hellraiser

          yum_strawberry I've loved zOMG! since the very beginning. I think what captured me and what kept me was the Train Station tutorial ( not currently shown now in zOMG! ). It was an ACTUAL tutorial that taught you a little bit about quests, orbs, monsters and gave you a little part of the story line to start you off. I really wish we could have this back, even if it did glitch ever now and again. Made the whole experience for the game much more fun, more fun than the whole open chest, get a ring and kill a few OMG's to save Leon, doesn't really give you that feel like the Train Station did. It just kinda feels like all the old elements to the game have stopped, the old layout for the stamina bar and ring bar was so much cooler too. xD; Kinda gave the game a more MMORPG feel, even though it wasn't really one, but still. ;u; I think this is my 5th year playing zOMG! including a 5 month hiatus last year and I'm still playing, regardless of the nerf being installed ( still kinda upset about it, but nothing I can change about that ) and that the development of the game being completely stopped ( which also saddens me ). I really would love to see zOMG! loved again by the Gaia community and to see it have life brought back to it like the old days. Hell, anything would bring zOMG! attention it so desperately needs just so that it doesn't get removed from the site entirely. It'd really break my heart after playing for so long, 'cause once zOMG! is gone, I will have no purpose to be on this site anymore. Sorry to say this, but zOMG! is all that's left to be excited about anymore, rest of the site has gotten old and repetitive and just... Dull. :c

          zOMG! Music Playlist
          Playlist in courtesy of jonjon21428 & Ren Orenji Doragon (sorry if I missed anyone else part of the playlist)
My Styles Of Poetry's avatar

IRL Noob

I haven't played in a while but I loved zOMG!. I would love to play again one day and level all of my rings to 12.
Exiled Puppet's avatar

Shy Raider

I've always loved zOMG ever since it first came out. I've been very sad that you guys stopped updating it. ;__; Lack of zOMG updates is the main reason I lost interest and left Gaia for over a year.
ZeeCats's avatar

Shy Shopper

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  • Consumer 100
  • Timid 100
zOMG is the only game where you can be inside Gaia's world. I love zOMG. Please bring back the zOMG Devs.
Vampirate Kitsune's avatar

Apocalyptic Cutesmasher

15,750 Points
  • Destroyer of Cuteness 150
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  • Protector of Cuteness 150
ZOMG is what keeps me here! It sure isn't stuff like this year's Easter event.

I've noticed a huge decline in the number of people online since ZOMG was effectively abandoned. Not even half as many people are online as there used to be.
Twisted Saber's avatar

Perfect Snowflake

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  • Fusion Novice 50
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  • Brandisher 100
zOMG is awesome! First game (MMO style) that I really love!
asedc's avatar

Man-Hungry Man-Lover

12,350 Points
  • Gaian 50
  • Gender Swap 100
Makes me happy to see zOMG being mentioned. I dont think it will ever receive an update except maybe better drop or something into the mobs. would be nice to add some alchemy elements to it though smile
Treya_Barton's avatar

Devoted Defender

13,650 Points
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I just have to say, I love zOMG. I love being able to explore the lands and the theme for each area. I would love to see it expanded in the future with more places to visit smile

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