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Which crazy contest should be a part of Gaia Madness?

Rubber Duck Race 0.2793504390914 27.9% [ 5694 ]
Eating Challenge 0.11234852573223 11.2% [ 2290 ]
Nerf Gun Showdown 0.35294117647059 35.3% [ 7194 ]
Scooter Race 0.075013491635186 7.5% [ 1529 ]
I don't care just give me my gold & wing sticker 0.1803463670706 18.0% [ 3676 ]
Total Votes:[ 20383 ]
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Familiar Hunter

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hi thanks for the update biggrin
i would like you to war the @YARLY! Hat(Any)@ in the next one because it gives you two extra hands so you can get twice the amount of stuff done smile
dreamsk's avatar

Moonlight Sweetheart

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Y u no go to Anime Conji this weekend?!

rofl Whose nightwear did you steal that from??

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Why the cat hat? Cats are an integral animal in Gaia's society. The first animal NPC is the forever lovable Rufus, and over 90% of all rare RIG pets are cats. There are hundreds of cat items, while very sparing of other animals, even dogs. The only animated evolving item was a cat, and the only animated animals are cats. Plus you do not need to purchase this hat or assemble it from scratch, as we all know all of the artists on the Gaia team have at least one spare cat hat they can bring in. So please represent you gaia pride by wearing the Cat Hat! The animal of choice.
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Mr Bim Jr's Wife

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Nerf gun showdown for sure! ~pew pew~

Ally Afib generated a random number between 1 and 4000 ... 2616!

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Wear the omfg hat! I love that hat! It looks so out there.
RambunctiousRedMage's avatar


DJ Helsing
What crazy hat item should DJ Helsing wear in next month’s video update!

You should wear the Smouldering Helm by Dernier*Cri, because it would look ridiculous. 3nodding
Frothy's avatar

Enduring Loiterer

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Scooter race! 4laugh
Veesionary's avatar


i love your princess jellyfish sig omg such a cute anime/manga!

Yay, another fan. c:
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I think that DJ Hellsing needs to wear a fuzzy-wuzzy multi-colored beanie with kitty cat ears and bells. That just screams 'work appropriate' and 'demands authority' don't it?
Being that its march with a holiday like St. Patricks Day he should where a hat that combines the many things that celebrate this holiday. It should be a green hat with a rainbow, pot of gold, four leaf clovers, and ect. It should really represent the holiday in a bit of a silly way but still be an awesome hat. That just my opinion though i think it would be really cool to see a hat like that.
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Shirtless Smoker

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Hopelesslydevoted to you.


        i say;;

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Vecendron's Wife

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DJ Helsing should wear Batman's Cowl.
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Magical Ally

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Rubber ducky...
I think you should wear the Neon Simulator. Although its technically a helmet, you still wear it on your head. It'll make you look like that one bad guy from the first power rangers movie. That was my first thought when I first saw it. I was like "WHOA!!!!!" It'll be funny I think lol. That and totally random. biggrin

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