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Which crazy contest should be a part of Gaia Madness?

Rubber Duck Race 0.2793504390914 27.9% [ 5694 ]
Eating Challenge 0.11234852573223 11.2% [ 2290 ]
Nerf Gun Showdown 0.35294117647059 35.3% [ 7194 ]
Scooter Race 0.075013491635186 7.5% [ 1529 ]
I don't care just give me my gold & wing sticker 0.1803463670706 18.0% [ 3676 ]
Total Votes:[ 20383 ]
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That Girl I Love's avatar

Witty Ladykiller

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He should wear a princess pig hat.
Because I would love him forever.
And its adorable.
My Scarlet Death's avatar

Shy Healer

He should wear a nyan cat hat!
Miss Oceanface's avatar

Wheezing Millionaire

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Epic Fail, puking hat.
I think he should somehow find a way to make and then wear this here hat. It isn't necessarily my favorite, but I think it would be really interesting to see pulled off.
Bunsuu's avatar

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An everything hat-helmet.
alice nessie cullen's avatar

Fashionable Gaian

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stack of pancakes hat
Nileregwen DoUrden's avatar

Devoted Nerd

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Question: What crazy hat item should DJ Helsing wear in next month’s video update!
Answer: Chobit Doll Ears is what DJ Helsing should wear!
-Seraphoid-'s avatar

Sparkly Shapeshifter

i love your princess jellyfish sig omg such a cute anime/manga!
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Beloved Shapeshifter

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What crazy hat item should DJ Helsing wear in next month’s video update!

Dj Helsing should wear a feather bonnet.It would be fun and well awesome
Crystaldiana180's avatar

Sparkly Flatterer

7,200 Points
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  • Forum Sophomore 300
  • Flatterer 200
The hat that the Dj Heising should be wearing is a combination of a girly and manly hat, because it shows that DJ Heising is for the boys and girls and not for one gender!
Example: A hot pink hat with the name of a football team. Or.....ummm, well I think u can get wat I'm trying to say! Hope I win! >.<
Nudist Beachu's avatar

Shirtless Streaker

nerf guns ftw
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Man-Hungry Citizen

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Sleeb's avatar

Unbeatable Wrangler

Q: What crazy hat item should DJ Helsing wear in next month’s video update!

A: I think he should wear a hat modeled after one of the items we have on Gaia. Simply put, there are quite a few hats on Gaia that are just awesome and I would totally wear.
Lita Maxwell's avatar

Invisible Lunatic

DJ Helsing should wear a stuffed duck plush as a hat next month, because it sounds ridiculous and you can get them 75% on sale after Easter.
he should wear a butt hat

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