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Which crazy contest should be a part of Gaia Madness?

Rubber Duck Race 0.2793504390914 27.9% [ 5694 ]
Eating Challenge 0.11234852573223 11.2% [ 2290 ]
Nerf Gun Showdown 0.35294117647059 35.3% [ 7194 ]
Scooter Race 0.075013491635186 7.5% [ 1529 ]
I don't care just give me my gold & wing sticker 0.1803463670706 18.0% [ 3676 ]
Total Votes:[ 20383 ]
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i think he should wear a hat that looks like a dino, either that or deadmau5 biggrin
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I think you should wear a paper cut out of Yugi's hair taped to a paper party hat and then taped to your own hair. So you can quote YGOTAS subtly within the video and therefore win the hearts and minds of many fans. biggrin
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What crazy hat item should DJ Helsing wear in next month’s video update!?

He should wear a sombrero. I like them because they make me feel closer to my heritage. . . and my dad. redface
And lets face it, a good sombrero looks freakin cool! pirate
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DJ Helsing should wear a Mokona Hat next month~
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A rly big pink bow that covers his face
Why? It'll match your underwear item!
Or wear it like one of those mini gothic lolita hats.
And the ends should be really really long.

Thx biggrin
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"+1 Hat" hat.
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you guys always say that there is a hint of the upcoming mc's on the home page, but there never is..o__o
its always showcasing something else.
A dunce cap.
I think Dj Helsing should wear a Deadmau5 Helmet mrgreen whats better to for a dj to wear its wierd no one would regularly wear that its hip its unique and its amazingly noticeable

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What about cute chibi hats >w< their cute x]
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all girl nerf show down!!
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wear that classic WTF hat
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What crazy hat item should DJ Helsing wear in next month’s video update!

I personally think DJ Helsing should wear a pair of fox ears in his next video because I remember how HARD they were to get in Gaia and only recently managed to get myself a pair.
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You should wear something along the lines of a hammerhat...
And if you were to wear such a thing...
Headbutt someone!? Please?? I'd love you long ti---- Forever! Yeah...

... scream DO IT.
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Hmm a Prince of the Sea (Year Three HeadBand)
xD well kinda like crazy hat i think >.> but hey that'll totally make him look like a gangsta wink lolz xD

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