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Which crazy contest should be a part of Gaia Madness?

Rubber Duck Race 0.2793504390914 27.9% [ 5694 ]
Eating Challenge 0.11234852573223 11.2% [ 2290 ]
Nerf Gun Showdown 0.35294117647059 35.3% [ 7194 ]
Scooter Race 0.075013491635186 7.5% [ 1529 ]
I don't care just give me my gold & wing sticker 0.1803463670706 18.0% [ 3676 ]
Total Votes:[ 20383 ]
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Loyal Gaian

Frankly all those options sound like things that go on at the magical place of GaiaHQ regularly.
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alright way 2 go biggrin
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What crazy hat item should DJ Helsing wear in next month’s video update!

He should wear A frilly hat!!
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I suggest a mario shroom hat ^^
What crazy hat item should DJ Helsing wear in next month’s video update!
Wear heart boxes on your head. :] Not necessarily a "hat" per say, however, it'd certainly be "crazy!" I always thought boxes were really neat-o (guys get all the good stuff)! Plus, hearts on them is totally cliché, which would make it even more amusing!
I love u gaia never leave me crying
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Questionable Sweetheart

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I think he should wear one of those fruit hats... You know, like the Chiquita bananas girl?
Why? Because bananas are awesome.
*ahem* I'M A BANANA! I'M A BANANA! LOOK AT ME MOVE!!!!!!!! heart
p.s. It should be sequined though. rainbow sequins!!!
I just wanted the Sticker! 4laugh
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Rainbow Wrangler

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A stack of pancakes hat! My God. Pancakes are delicious. Imagine syrup and butter dripping down the side of his head! Sweet. Heh. Pun.
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Stop wearing hats and create NEW Gaiawear for us to buy in real life.
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Shirtless Prophet

Daft punk helm all the way...
Arlette Mori
I was directed here via a Rad Button.

Thanks for the update DJ Helsing. We heart You.
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Unholy Senshi

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wear a top hat heart
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Unholy Warlord

He should wear a hat like the one in Juno's Lace! emotion_awesome

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Newbie Healer

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I think Dj Helsing should wear a daft punk helmet

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