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Have you played Monster Galaxy on Gaia?

Yes I love it! 0.35730940436657 35.7% [ 5057 ]
No I haven’t had the time. 0.31343178124779 31.3% [ 4436 ]
I didn’t know it was available on Gaia! 0.054476082809298 5.4% [ 771 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.27478273157634 27.5% [ 3889 ]
Total Votes:[ 14153 ]
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My favorite Moga is Mantra because he reminds me of Umbreon
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.:My World of Dreams:.

Love Monster Galaxie on FB and just can't make up my mind if I want to start from scratch again or not...lol

~~the UNICORN girl~~
ONE Universe, ONE World, ONE People!
Sounds great!
These updates are nice to have especially for those with busy lives
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the kitty one... i forget it's name. cat_biggrin
I think it`s a fun game~ c:
I like Ibex, first of all cause he`s aries. Like me. It`s strong and I think if I were an animal. I`d wanna be an Ibex.

EDIT: I`m fairly certain thats what it`s called. It`s the ram in the Aries section when you first start
. 3.
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My favorite Moga is Huey since he (or she?) is awesome, and looks cute too. It's also a Moga that didn't take forever to capture.
I also like Leviathan (it looks so cool), Skuzy (adorable), and Chuuzilla though.
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My favorite moga? Oh thats easy! ^w^ It's my chiberus that I named kira. She..*do mogas even have genders? B[ * was my first moga and I thought she was adorable. I liked the fire around and on top of her head..kinda looks like a firey mohawk. Totally awesome~ and when chiberus evolve they turn into a hell hound, which is cool..but not as cool as chiberus. Did I mention chiberus is a fire based moga? Omg fire is epicly fun~! So yeah now you know why I like chiberus so much. xD
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My favourite Moga is Knives.
It's a cool looking critter, and his health regeneration technique and physical/zodiac attack together work really well.
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My favorite moga is Jet. It's one of my favorite items on Gaia and to be able to have him as a moga as well just makes it that much more fun. I love how Monster Galaxy has some mogas based on actual items and vice versa, makes me feel more like a moga tamer.
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YEA!!!!! 100,000 COINZ!!!!! AWESOMENESS!!!! scream scream
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I like Turtlenie because I love turtles!
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The thing abot Monster Galaxy is that I played it on mobile only until it ran into a major glitch and now does not work at all on my phone... I have played it on the computer, over facebook, and I do really think that the mobile version IS SO MUCH MORE FUN AND PLAYABLE but it DOES NOT WORK when you get to the fourth island... TT~TT please fix it, I love that game so much!!!!
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my fav moga is bamf cause he is awesome!!!!! then its gnarwhale!! haha
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