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Have you played Monster Galaxy on Gaia?

Yes I love it! 0.35730940436657 35.7% [ 5057 ]
No I haven’t had the time. 0.31343178124779 31.3% [ 4436 ]
I didn’t know it was available on Gaia! 0.054476082809298 5.4% [ 771 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.27478273157634 27.5% [ 3889 ]
Total Votes:[ 14153 ]
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My favorite Moga?

Well that'd have to be Mimple.

Mimple is absolutely adorable, the gradient on her/him is fantastic and the orange/yellow was a wonderful choice for a color. She/he looks like a very classy winged sheep.

And they're so tiny and fluffy~! How cute! <3

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I have played monster galaxy.
A lot.
I love it
Personally, I don't like the fact you have to use cash or whatever it is to catch/get most of the cool looking creatures.
Secondly, I think you should be able to design you moga person..not use your avatar. Picking between male/female..clothing..etc..
Thirdly, instead of hoping around on a map like a tard, maybe be able to run around and meet other players and trade mogas and stuff.. kinda like pokemon and some mmo rpgs.
: o
It would take a lot to do but I'd be interested in playing more often.

and may I add, my favourite moga is the starter Lion type one
I don't recall his name but he's beautiful and elegant.
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Ikki is my favorite moga, because he's almost as foxy as me. ;D
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Who is your favorite MOGA and why!

I couldn't choose just one, but mine are Huey and Beefee because they were my first Mogas and they were so cute.
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I like beefee because it makes me laugh like a little school girl
Who is your favorite MOGA and why!

sweatdrop I haven't actually played Monster Galaxy, so no favourites here.
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    User Image

    My favorite moga is Gogh because I am a Gemini. It's just amazing Gogh from Gogh Reed is my favorite item on Gaia and my moga.
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My fave moga is AC cause he's a kitty!
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I like my Radiojack, Fliffery, as he's the first one I got, and he's been my anchor Moga ever since - he's always on the team, regardless of who the other two are.
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TURTLENIE! He is by far the cutest and I have always loved turtles. Now everyone else can too! If I win I'll buy the Turtlenie on my wishlist. heart
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My Fav. MOGA is Leviathan because he is the first Moga I have and has KILLER attacks! cool
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It was awesome getting to help you out at A-Kon this year.

How's the push for the PSA/Arena fix?

Favorite Moga?
I'd have to say Ravenous because it has an interesting design that looks delicate, yet it will strike hard in battle.
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My favorite would be Chiberus because it was my first MOGA and I always have my Phiniss with me in battle!
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My favorite moga has to be scenewolf. It is the coolest thing I have ever seen and it reminds me of my OC due to its color scheme. Even its pre-evolved form is pretty cool but scenewolf sums it up with awesome.
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