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Have you played Monster Galaxy on Gaia?

Yes I love it! 0.35730940436657 35.7% [ 5057 ]
No I haven’t had the time. 0.31343178124779 31.3% [ 4436 ]
I didn’t know it was available on Gaia! 0.054476082809298 5.4% [ 771 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.27478273157634 27.5% [ 3889 ]
Total Votes:[ 14153 ]
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Who is your favorite MOGA and why!

Martini. Like the cocktail.
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Formal Hunter

I love the game but sadly I have been busy and not able to play it *sigh* oh well I guess.
where's the "i played it, but really wasn't my thing" option in the poll?

oh and i like corgito
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I just started playing the other day. I haven't gotten that far into the game, but I like it very much. So far, I have three Moga, all of which I named pretty random names. I picked the black dragon as my "starter", and am hooked.

My favorite Moga is the "Smok". Why? Because 1) I very much LOVE dragons 2) I love how he is drawn/sprited and colored in this game 3) because he/she seems to be quiet good at battling the other Mogas! 4) because he matches the awesome music best, I think.

It is kind of like Pokemon, but not with "all adorable" designs. I got a dragon, and that's enough for me. xD

Sometimes I can't play 'cause my PC freezes, but I'll switch to my netbook when it happens. heart
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Invisible Friend

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I have not played it yet i just want my gold and wing sticker so GIMME GIMME
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Questionable Glitch

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Favorite Moga is Gnarwhale because it lasts for a while in defense, so I named it Mavdoc because he is in the zOMG! Community for a long while after service in gaia
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Quotable Consumer

My favorite moga is Sno. He's so cute. heart
Mmmm... I'd have to say Ikki because every time I see his cute little face, I just want to cuddle it. whee
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Tipsy Man-Lover

I only played MG briefly when it first came out. So I don't remember the names of the Mogas. But there was this Fox/Turtle one that I just thought the world of. Sooooo adorable.
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Dangerous Dabbler

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Favourite? Beefee because he's so damn cute!! And plus he can still kick a**.

Best ever. :3
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Dapper Dabbler

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I like Jors best! I don't really know why, I just think they look cool and they're a Libra Moga...
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Greedy Receiver

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That's mighty cool.
Geez, I love Monster Galaxy! I can't believe it's still in Beta but I hope it gets released soon in full! I can't wait for it! Maybe you guys should hand away free rare moga the next time around, might get a bigger turnout, LOL.

My all time favourite(s) are Nightmare, Owlreed and Kirin. Flaming horses, c'mon. Kinda weird but my starsign doesn't have a huge lineup, besides Bamf but you can't catch him.
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Hot Wench

my is mimple I like sheep
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Has to be burger the moga.
Among all the other mogas, he seems the most edible.

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