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Have you played Monster Galaxy on Gaia?

Yes I love it! 0.35730940436657 35.7% [ 5057 ]
No I haven’t had the time. 0.31343178124779 31.3% [ 4436 ]
I didn’t know it was available on Gaia! 0.054476082809298 5.4% [ 771 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.27478273157634 27.5% [ 3889 ]
Total Votes:[ 14153 ]
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My favorite would be Yugure simply because it was my first Moga when trying out the game.
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I like Huey, the blue guy is so cute !
Starpops is my favorite MOGA because even though they seem weak de to their size, they are very strong in defense.
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My favorite, Titus. I love lions! whee
[yay i love monster galaxy biggrin ... n my favhatorite moga is... hmmmmmmmmmm confused i like all of them xp Especially dragons exclaim xd am a big fan of dragons xd ...
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Who is your favorite MOGA and why! cebers because he has theer heads
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Melodee heart
cutest MOGA, always looks super timid- I enjoy that.
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My lovely Moga hmmmm I think Woolf and there Evos!
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heart My favorite Moga is Gryphon, half lion half bird.
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Beefee because it's a small and cute little creature, and it kinda relates because I'm really small :3
Pengoo, because nothing beats a penguin!
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My favorite Moga? Plain old Kittenstar doesn't do it for me, but I love the variations like the Northern Kittenstar. I even have a story: I remember when I was playing, and I was totally in need of Whistles (and had no friends at this point, plus I use up Bonus Attacks like crazy when I'm trying to raise my lower-level Tanks), and then I saw Skylar's Box down in the corner like usual. I wasn't making much progress in the game without Bonus Attacks, truthfully, and I was hoping Whistles would be one of the easier prizes to get. (I wouldn't know; this was shortly after Monster Galaxy started giving out free Moga Cash.) So I clicked on it, and I was actually pretty much in need of items in general, so I figured any of them would be okay. I ended up getting the North Kittenstar. This probably sounds stupid, but for a second I was kind of pissed, like, "Oh, how would a new Level 1 Moga help accomplish anything at this point, when all I need is to get into Windhym?" Then I realized, aside from being super-cute, that North Kittenstars are Legendary, and they have awesome stats, and so then I was grateful.

Whew. Long story, huh?
I would say my favorite moga is Birdrodent. The white and light blue combination is pretty, and I'm particularly fond of it's large blue eyes. 3nodding
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I like beefee. Beefee is so cute and the strongest one i have at the moment. smile
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Lamba is cute

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