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Would you be interested in purchasing a Gaia Interactive Art Book?

Yes I love the art of Gaia and would love to have an Art Book! 0.45018670649739 45.0% [ 6028 ]
No I am not a fan of Art Books. 0.12270351008215 12.3% [ 1643 ]
I didn’t know! 0.18244958924571 18.2% [ 2443 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.24466019417476 24.5% [ 3276 ]
Total Votes:[ 13390 ]
Gambino! It has the likelyness of pirates and welcomes all fishermen/fisherwomen. With a side of fish on the line.
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Reply to this post with your favorite Gaia Town and why to be entered to win 100k gold!

My favorite Gaia Town has always been Barton.When i first joined Gaiaonline in 07(Before my account got hacked.)I went to Barton Boutique which is the store where Ian worked at & i grew a little crush on him and i liked how he looked with his bleach blonde hair.The reason why i'm entering for the 100,000Gaia Gold is because i am currently questing for Strawberry Sundae and i would appreciate the little push.
duram cuz im in love with moira shes gonna be my wife
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My favourite town is Barton because, in my opinion, it represents Gaia and it is also the main town where I spend most of my time on Gaia. gaia_crown
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if i were to buy a gaia artbook, it'd absolutely have to be a tangible thing i could hold in my hands. i don't think i'd pay for something i could ultimately google image search.
I like Durem simply because the town is filled with style. They also have Moria! I enjoy her taste in style more than I enjoy my own. emotion_kirakira
Barton bcuze its a peaceful town and fits me , i also like Barton colors biggrin
I like a Barton because it's adventurous, fun , and you get to meet and talk to new people every time you get on yum_puddi
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Durem, because it is awesome and the the best!
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Durem - when it first came out it was so awesome! It was the attitude, cool kid town. lol
Barton because Ian heart
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I have no doubt that Port Of Gambino is my absolute favorite.
It's not as busy as other parts of town and its so peacefull.
I can just imagine walking on the port and smelling the air.
Well I just love the Port of Gambino because it reminds me of home.
Thank You Gaia for this contest. heart

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