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No I am not a fan of Art Books. 0.12270351008215 12.3% [ 1643 ]
I didn’t know! 0.18244958924571 18.2% [ 2443 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.24466019417476 24.5% [ 3276 ]
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Barton is my favorite town for it is home to the store Barton Boutique, i am a shape shifting, gender bending dragon who is on the verge of making a ton of new discoveries, and to continue making those discoveries i need the 100,000 gold that the contest has to offer in order to A.) complete my true form, B.) get new gear to explore more places, and C.) get a new car to find the fastest competitor in the rally and crush them. ninja if i do not win chances are you will be dealing with a very unhappy camper. burning_eyes
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Perfect Perfectionist

Gambino, I've always loved tropical islands and Johnny Gambino is my favorite NPC.
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I would say Barton because of the Boutique!
Not to mention Ian, but more importantly RUFUS!!
That kitty is just the best. emotion_kirakira
TEAM BARTON!! emotion_awesome
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Aekea Town, because of all the robots, and where there's robots, there's Tony Stark.
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Durem because of the colors, the NCPs, and its awesome
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Durem. not because of Moira or anyone but because it has the best feel to it. It's a real city and it the only town that really is.
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i love Barton, i met most of my friends there and had a blast making some good memories, Barton also just happens to be the place where i began exploring Gaia, so in my opinion that's the greatest town. heart
Barton Of Course! Ian is good-looking and Rufus is cute!
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My favorite town?

Why, Durem of course!

Such amazing NPCs, cool events, and great history! And it's known for it's cool, dark underground secrets and cool creatures. What's not to like?

After the bombing, the hype just got spiced up, so basically in short, Durem is the most exciting in my personal opinion.

(Oh, and they have the most valuable fish in their Reclamation Facility, too!)
definitely barton because of all the people that are there that you can make friends with
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It brings out your wild side!
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Barton is the best, of course.

We have Ian and Rufus.
We have an entire thread for the role playing community and a lot of the people on there know each other because we're all active in each other's RPs.
And overall, it's just a nicer environment with the friendliest people you'll ever find on Gaia.

"My favorite town is Durem. Mainly because of the characters who live there, like Moira and Louie, but I also really like the colors-slash-design of the place itself. Fun times all around, I suppose." Karina said, ticking the reasons off with her fingers as she listed them. Her eyes sparkled as she talked about the town, but the possibility of winning a contest also excited her.
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Isle de Gambino for Johnny K. Gambino!
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Voting for TEAM DUREM! Woot! I love Moira. Shes a great chick. Love the black and red colors and I love how they work hard to achieve goals!

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