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What did you like best about Frontier Skies?

The Airships, Characters & Art! 0.17001754149238 17.0% [ 2520 ]
The Adventure & Storyline! 0.087842396437728 8.8% [ 1302 ]
All of the Above! 0.29854270678721 29.9% [ 4425 ]
I wasn’t a fan of Frontier Skies! 0.15551207664283 15.6% [ 2305 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.28808527863986 28.8% [ 4270 ]
Total Votes:[ 14822 ]
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i actually enjoyed being partner with diedrich, he is SOOO funny biggrin
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I liked everything!
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Personally I really liked the idea of Gaia having airships. It seems to fit their style, in whatever style it may be as of now. *COUGH CANT DESCRIBE IT COUGH*

Now if you are referring to characters Gaia, then the only ones I would be able to list as a considered character within Frontier Skies is either Cresento or the God that we had to rescue when Frontier Skies first came out. That giant octopus one that is the god of turning food sour, whatever his name was again. Theyre not bad. So far I have no like or dislike feel about them.

Yes, it was unfortunate that a load of people who are responding never had the chance to play or never even heard of Frontier Skies. I'll give you all a lowdown on it. Frontier Skies came out based on the manga that they have been creating, so where they got the idea to add onto the storyline is from that. It was a game of chance. You had to travel a LONG WAYS to get to the Demigod, or God (whichever it was), at the end of the map, which at that point is in the sky, and help lkeep him alive, because at the time, he was injured and near death. Along the way, you ran into many obstacles that some gave you a choice, and many others chose what would happen to you, good or bad. (Those who have played all know about that damn moth huh? biggrin ) You had to shoot animals and walking/flying vegetables along the way in order to obtain your food and stay alive. The NPC you picked also varied the adventure as well. Some were able to help, while others were more likely to hinder. For example, Carl. If you ended up shooting animals for food, especially deer or elk related, Carl would attack your members for hurting his kind, and maybe even kill one, hindering your chances of getting farther. Depending on how your adventure goes when you manage to reach the Demigod, your points will be tallied up.

Now, WHY Frontier Skies is gone? (Since Ive read a couple and you all act like you dont actually know) Its because Frontier Skies had this bug within. A very small bug, but seemed to halt more production to the promising Frontier Skies. If they wanted to add more or make the proper edits they had to when it became its own game for the while, this bug would get in the way and no allow it. So they had to remove it. Hopefully, that answers your concern.
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I enjoyed it all.
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I enjoyed it all!
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to keep it short and sweet : it was okay
Bring back resort world!!!!!!!
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I like avocados
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heart sorta was a fan of it. It was different.
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It was alright but I found the shooting game kind of clunky and difficult.
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Poll is missing an option: Shooting game.

I agree! that was fun!
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I loved Frontier Skies. My favorite part would have to be the hilarious dialogue and random events xd
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Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade!

I loved the shooting game and the characters and art; the thing I hated was its monotonous and grueling game play that, honestly, could have been more interesting to keep me intrigued; I ended up losing interest almost immediately, and using these types of strategy games keep me entertained for days and weeks depending on how much there is to do. >.<

Hide your face so the world will never find you.

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