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Would you play Monster Galaxy if it was on Gaia and didn’t require Facebook?

Heck Yes, Monster Galaxy is awesome and a perfect fit for Gaia. 0.6171506974617 61.7% [ 13494 ]
No, Monster Galaxy should only be accessible via Facebook. 0.055431054196204 5.5% [ 1212 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker. 0.3274182483421 32.7% [ 7159 ]
Total Votes:[ 21865 ]
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Magical Vampire

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My favorite game has to be word bump. I loved it when I started Gaia and I still like it, despite the lack of ticket winning. It's just fun and challenges my brain. Another thing I love about word bump is the music. It's just so darned catchy! Sometimes I find myself humming it in the shower. Crud...now it's stuck in my head again. Well, gotta go play it now. Bye.

Edit: Nice glasses move. Reminds me of a spoof I did with my sister. At the end of every sentence I would look serious and take off my glasses.

Pookie: Why are you doing that?
Me: Because. -takes of glasses, serious face- I want to.

Another Edit: That was an awfully drippy pie....
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I would have to say zOMG!, since it has the MMORPG feel that I can't get through other MMO's (have to pay for those) for free! I also like the fact that you can upgrade and it is fairly simple. I enjoy zOMG! for the gold ability, but also: it is a great way to make friends. I don't know if you check out what goes on behind the scenes of the MMO, but I have heard some wild (and some not so cool) things on there. I wish there wasn't the 50K gold cap, but i understand why it had to be implemented and respect it. Oh I am rambling. I doubt I will be picked, but good luck to all and I hope to see you around the Village Greens!
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Rainbow Nerd

My favorite game on Gaia is Booty Grab in the aquariums. It's fun, easy, I get EASY gold if you know how to play the game well, I get to look at all the Aquarium pretties, and by bumping the threads of glowing tanks I get gold from that too! It's just win win win all over the place. smile
Hmmm... Does Monster Galaxy count? If not, then it's gotta be the jigsaw puzzle game, since it's the only one that'll successfully run on my computer, for some reason. There's usually some server connection error for the other games...
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Fashionable Gaian

I'd play if it didn't require you to pay to get further in the game.
[monster Galaxy]

Which Gaia Game is your favorite and why?
...Dunno I enjoyed puzzles for a time.
Still love Towns but i guess its not a game really.

Booty grab's fine if you have time, but its nurfed now. . . so guess Gaia itself.
Threads, outfits... friends that's good enough for me.

OH! I do love black jack! 3nodding
My favorite game is the jigsaw because i love puzzles and your artists make amazing pictures and i love seeing the end result ^^
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Lucky Fatcat

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zOMG! cuhs its the easiest way for me to make money sweatdrop
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Tipsy Vampire

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My fav. game by far is zOMG! because... no word of a lie, it helped me through some of the darkest times of my life. During those hours when everyone IRL was sleeping and I was just going crazy and needed distraction, I'd just play zOMG! for hours with friends I'd made here (some of which are some of my best friends now - we send each other packages back and forth in the snailmail, too!) and it would keep me sane enough to get through all the crazy.

So, a heartfelt YAY! for zOMG! heart
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Loyal Friend

my favorite gaia games would be ZOMG, puzzle, and pinball.

ZOMG: An amazing games that (of course) lets other Gaians interact and explore. a game that is fresh and new and attracts attention because it is made for the one and only Gaia Online.

Puzzle: A good brain teezer and warm-up for a start of a day. I try to do as many as I can playing on hard.

Pinball: A classic game that everyone cannot resist. It just has to many "balls" at one point. razz
Which Gaia Game is your favorite and why?

Mine would have to be Blackjack. It's a very easy way to earn tickets for Prize and Joy.
one lucky winner? well im feeling lukcy.
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Romantic Gekko

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zOMG! is the greatest!!

I love multiplayer games, but all the good ones require downloading and payment...

zOMG! easily takes the place of those ^^
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Sparkly Shapeshifter

Off topic: When you hear "You could win 300,000 gold!" in real time It's really sobering... .___. I am addicted to a site that gives me fake money .__.
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Greedy Capitalist

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Definetly would be cards. 21, aka Blackjack is a classic game cards, the AI is somewhat wobby but their sometimes unexpected behavior makes it something fun and challenging. Also, the reactions of the opponents are pretty funny. Challenign yet simple, and it hasn't changed that much. And tokens are always welcome, they come in handy at the shops and marketplace.
I like playing Draw My Thing because I get to guess what the person is drawing. biggrin

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