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Would you play Monster Galaxy if it was on Gaia and didn’t require Facebook?

Heck Yes, Monster Galaxy is awesome and a perfect fit for Gaia. 0.6171506974617 61.7% [ 13494 ]
No, Monster Galaxy should only be accessible via Facebook. 0.055431054196204 5.5% [ 1212 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker. 0.3274182483421 32.7% [ 7159 ]
Total Votes:[ 21865 ]
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My favorite is zOMG because it's challenging and fun.
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Timid Explorer

Which Gaia Game is your favorite and why?

My favorite game is definitely zOMG!, it's not that difficult (or easy),the storyline that's there is good,and it's just an awesome game.. It has absolutely no bad points.
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My FAVORITE game!!! is zOMG!!!!

i loooovvveee zOMG because you can talk to strangers (lol) and kill things (without the nasty graphics) aaannnddd YOU GET FREE STUFF!!!!!! i also love the fact that you can create the recipes from zOMG!!!!

THIS GAME IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you ever get rid of zOMG i might diez D: its probably the most entertaining game on gaia besides that drawing game.
although I'd prefer if the bugs on the game were fixed... sad
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My favorite game is Mahjong cuz I like to race against the clock
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My favorite game is definitely ZoMG. I enjoy playing and understanding the storyline (aka questing), and adding points to the rings to be more "powerful". Best of all, I get to use my avatar in the game. Also, the co-op feature is pretty nice. It's great way to get to know strangers. heehee~
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Rainbow Bloodsucker

My favorite Gaia game would probably be WordBump. I enjoy trying to find the most efficient way to bring the letters to the top, while racing against the clock.
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zOMG is great, as is Monster Galaxy. They're entertaining and quite aesthetic. smile
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Monster Galaxy is definitely my favorite so far. <3
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let's see. my favorite game and why?
hmm... not sure if it's gaia game or not, hope it is, draw my thing. i am usually pretty kick-booty-hot on the guessing part.

if that doesn't qualify as a gaia game then other choice would be zomg (when it's not lagging like heck), because it's pretty fun now that i was able to play it at the library, and i can help do quests over and make some gold.
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My favorite game is the Jigsaw puzzles because they are fun to do and I like the pictures on the puzzles and you earn gold or an item for completing the puzzle.
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Tipsy Wolf

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My favorite gaia game would have to be jigsaw. It's fun and easy to play and just a great way to pass the time. Also, I like the artwork for all the different puzzles.

Tiles and zOMG are very close seconds for favorite game. Hard to pick a real favorite of the three for me.
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DJ Helsing
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Hi, Gaians! We've got a quick video update to share with you-- in order to keep the Gaia community in the know, we've decided to do monthly video updates (starring yours truly) that let you know exactly what we've been up to lately and what's in store for the coming month.

Of course, there's something in it for you: we'll be hosting a contest and giving away 100,000 Gold to a lucky winner.

We also have an opinion poll set up, so your voice can be heard and your thoughts can shape Gaia's future. Be sure to cast your vote and earn a free Wing Sticker.

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Also here is a summary of all the updates from December 15th to now!


Feature & Site Updates:
Fixed Profile Background Bugs and Issues
zOMG servers updated to fix a crash bug
Meebo footer updated with customizable quick links
Meebo bar glitches and bugs fixed
Item duplication variations fixed
Daily Chance bug was fixed for Fire Fox
Frontier Skies removed from the site
World Page was Redesigned
World Page Navigation Updated
Green Goo item layering bug was fixed
Bao items updated to work properly with hair styles

Forum Updates:
Frontier Skies forum archived
Christmas Event Forum Archived

New Features:
New iPhone App

Item Updates:
4 Winter Themed Items
2 New Year Themed Items
4 Cubism Themed Items
Cash Shop Clean Up
New A.I.:
Silver Bells
New E.I.:
Trilune's Covenant
New C.I.:
Advanced Chance
Super Prize
Revolution Dusk
Radiant Galaxy
New MC's:
December MC’s
The Wasp
Sweet Sealie

EI Reports:
Prince of the Sea
Gary's Island Adventure
Daughter of Snows

December MC Giveaway
Fortune Cookie Contest
KK 100k Giveaway

Online Events:
Bid Blast Updated 3 Times
Christmas Event Began and Ended
SOPA Free Item

Woman in Black free Item

New Safety Video


Convention Tour:
Sac Anime

Online Events:
Valentine’s Day 2012


Contest Rules and How To Enter:

  • Reply to this thread with your answer to this question:

    Which Gaia Game is your favorite and why?

  • Submit your entry before Tuesday January 17th 2012 at 12:00 noon PST!

Rules and Judging:

  • This contest is open to all Gaians! We will not disqualify anyone based on age or location.
  • You must reply to this thread with your favorite Gaia Game and tell us why. Incomplete entries and spam posts will be disqualified.
  • Though you may submit multiple entries, we highly recommend that you choose your favorite entry and best reasoning and enter only once.
  • Entries must be a Gaia Game accompanied by a relevant reason why it’s your favorite, or they will be disqualified.
  • Entries must not include any explicit or inappropriate words or phrases.

When the contest has ended, Tuesday January 17th 2012 at 12:00 noon PST, we will review the entries and choose 1 random winner to receive 100,000 Gaia Gold. The winners will be contacted via PM and granted their prize directly into their inventory. Winners may be announced at the conclusion of the contest once they have received their prize!

Have Fun and Good luck!
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Sam is my fav you go girl blaugh

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