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Would you play Monster Galaxy if it was on Gaia and didn’t require Facebook?

Heck Yes, Monster Galaxy is awesome and a perfect fit for Gaia. 0.6171506974617 61.7% [ 13494 ]
No, Monster Galaxy should only be accessible via Facebook. 0.055431054196204 5.5% [ 1212 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker. 0.3274182483421 32.7% [ 7159 ]
Total Votes:[ 21865 ]
I would have to say that my current fav is Monster Galaxy, because of how it reminds me somewhat of the old pokemon gameboy games
My favorite game has to be Zomg because you can get tons or gold plus its really fun to hang out with friends and kill monsters.
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Hmm...My favorite game on Gaia will have to be...pinball. It's unlike any pinball game I've ever played. I love it! I also like zOMG! and OMGPOP...but not sure if they compare to pinball...
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zOMG! it just never gets boring ^^
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My favorite Gaia game is zOMG.
When this game first came out, I didn`t think it`d be quite as fun. I judged a book by it`s cover without even giving it a try. But as times went by.. I finally found my way around the game and played it. First experienced was i didn`t know what to do; but i followed the quests & then everything came clear to me. I played it almost every single day when i got home from school. This game was fun because the Buzz Saw activity thingy got me addicted. The money drops were endless, i would keep going in and out over and over again. Also the loading pictures were fun to see, because Gaia had so many talented people who made them & the community because you can easily make new friends that`s why I loved zOMG for these reasons. ;D
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I love ZOMG the most, because I can play with my friends and it has a fun plot to go with the fighting.
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zOMG is the best! smile youll meet different people with different nationalities and even different attitude smile sometimes you will meet either a true friend or nemesis smile if you want gold, you can do it yourself but its happier if you are in a crew and lastly, for the crew to be successful in a quest you will need collaboration and good communication with each other. Isnt it great? heart heart heart
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I'd have to say my favorite is the slots. While it isn't as much of a game as it is just testing your luck, you really get that rush of joy when you get something good and you see those tickets start to flood in.
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I love ZOMG , playing it with friends and being a co-op game is fun. gaia_angelleft
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zOMG Was My Fave Game Til This Account Got Hacked xD
It Actually Still Is My Favorite Game But Since I Started Getting Back On Wednesday I Havent Played It Often..

Reason I Wantz De 100k:
Alot Of My Best Items From This Account Were Stolen When It Was Hacked.. I Really Wanna Be Able To Buy Them Back Dx

I Actually Was Hacked.. Dont Believe Me? Fine No Hug For You..
My favorite is zOMG. Personally, a game where you fight monsters is what I like since it is close to an RPG. My friends randomly go onto it and I join them. They items you can make on there is really cute and the graphics are beautiful (other than the avatars walking). The game is appropriate;y leveled so it's not too difficult, but not too easy. The sounds are cute and fun, while the background music is slightly annoying, but nice to listen to. I could play zOMG over and over, if I had the time to.
I think zOMG is the best heart , because I can meet my friends there and we can play together. I can even get to know other gaians and make new friends wink
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My favorite game is zOMG! because it's a challenge and it's kinda fun to kill monsters and plan out strategies on how to kill the monsters and doing quests to help the NPC(s) out.
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My favorite game is Tiles because it's a challenge and it doesn't cost any tokens to play and earn tickets.
My definite favorite is zOMG. Every time I leave my Gaia account, I usually end up coming back for more zOMG goodness smile It's my solution to my WOW addiction!

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