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Would you play Monster Galaxy if it was on Gaia and didn’t require Facebook?

Heck Yes, Monster Galaxy is awesome and a perfect fit for Gaia. 0.6171506974617 61.7% [ 13494 ]
No, Monster Galaxy should only be accessible via Facebook. 0.055431054196204 5.5% [ 1212 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker. 0.3274182483421 32.7% [ 7159 ]
Total Votes:[ 21865 ]
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My favorite game on Gaia would definitely have to be Draw My Thing.
Why? First, the name is silly and automatically draws in my -mind-in-the-gutter- attention.
It's hilarious seeing fellow Gaians try to come up with the best picture possible to depict their word and the words/phrases I've gotten are ridiculous. I love them.
I've seen nose hair, pee, paper cut. Just seeing the way Gaians think would best represent these words is great. I play this game every night for hours. I seriously cannot get enough of it.
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And why you say?
Because I played that game first when I got on GaiaOnline for the very first time. It is an original.
Nothing beats the classics!

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Monster Galaxy its a fun way to play pokemon when you dont have pokemon lol
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that was a very liquified pie.

my favorite game is zOMG!
i've enjoyed playing it and have made quite a few friends in the process if crewing people to complete shallow seas and the newest region in dead man's pass.
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Favorite game, you say?

(( ...I'd say zOMG, but it lags for me lately, so no. ))

I like Jigsaw ~ It's time-consuming and rather fun. Also you get some good gold from it. <:

But I also like Dumpster Dive~ If it's even considered a game. Hee hee~
(( But well it IS in the games category. <: ~ ))
Because you can donate the stuff you don't need and other gaians will get it and make good use of it~ And the same for me~ ^o^ I got about two items worth 30K+ there ~
(( This is coming from an utter n00b, by the way. This account of mine is only about a month old. I: ))
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I like ZOMG! cat_3nodding
because i like rpgs
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Black Jack

cheating is allowed and my avi gets to swear a lot rofl
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My favorite game on Gaia is Tiles, because it's a simple form of stress relief and I can play it quite a while without getting bored.
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My favorite game: It first was a tie between zomg and omgpop, but then i realized i liked omgpop better. in omgpop, there are many different games to play. My personal favorite is Draw my thing. This is because in Draw my Thing, there is a little competition between each other, and it is all in good fun. Also, you are able to decorate your items, like the clock and the pen you use. Overall, I think that Draw my Thing Omgpop is a great way to show off your artistic abilities and make new friends.
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I don't play the games Gaia has very often, but when I do, I really love to play Draw My Thing. It's fun and amusing to see my digital art crap versus others. The game has been a ball of laughs for me every time I bring myself around.
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Favorite game? zOMG! Because of all the work that's being put into it, long awaited battle system, fun stuff. Have lots of good memories with friends, siblings, even developers while playing that game. So that's why it's my favorite, and if it were to vanish, i think i would die a little on the inside.
its funny how you say that if you got banned for hacking that you take the stuff and don't banned the account.. haha i been banned back in may on iiCHOBITSii. you people sent me a latter to say the reason i was banned cause i hacked someone. its just funny because i never hacked a day in my life the person gave me the right to go in too there account and all i know a week later im banned. i would just like the stuff back that i paid for out of my own pocket for if you can help i would love it if not i fell it is wrong for you to banned someones account that spent there own money on it and not even give them the stuff back that they paid for out of there own pocket that is just wrong
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I would of said Zomg but its just gotten boring so... Backyard Monsters since you can choose who to attack. Either Humans or computers. And I love how you can make your own army and upgrade then so they are stronger! biggrin
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My favorite game are the jigsaws

Why? Because for some reason I'm bad at doing puzzles irl but good at them on Gaia. And they're so darn cute!

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