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What element of Gaia would you like to see in a board game?

The Characters & Art! 0.15238891895882 15.2% [ 3097 ]
The Adventure & Storyline! 0.08945529695419 8.9% [ 1818 ]
The ability to get Rich with lots of Gold! 0.10894060916203 10.9% [ 2214 ]
All of the Above! 0.4340402499631 43.4% [ 8821 ]
I’m not interested in a Gaia Board Game! 0.076711115484919 7.7% [ 1559 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.13846380947695 13.8% [ 2814 ]
Total Votes:[ 20323 ]
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I'd like to say both characters/art, and adventure/storyline, but honestly, the storyline is so random that I'm not sure you can really base a board game off it. :3 But if you can manage to make a coherent boardgame from it, more power.
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        I'm glad to see that you are finally wearing a different shirt DJ Helsing.
        Green is a good color on you.
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The storyline is a little hard to follow for me, so I'd prefer the board game to focus on art or characters. Also, is this a physical board game, or an online one?

(I love board games so if I could get a physical copy, I'd be so excited. whee )
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April fools......

Don't even get me started
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I voted 'GET RICH'
But what I really like is art and characters~ I voted that way because the get rich thing is REALLY big for me to stay in a game on gaia.
Like Heralds of Chaos, I didn't even get through the tutorial before I decided it wasn't for me, and quit. Then someone told me I can make 50,000 every day, and I changed my tune real quick. I tend to make around 10,000 but it keeps me coming back, and I know my sister is the same, I told her about the profit, and now we play together.
This is an idea for the new monthly collectible and that is, an animeted monthly collectible and for a new game how about Gaia's version of where's my water and why not , Monster Galaxy is Gaia's version of Pokémon and we all know it and thay know it too. yum_coldone

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OMG. All of the above was the on I picked because I was feeling nice today. XD 3nodding
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a real life board game would be awesome
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make a video board game for gaia...and up to 6 players can play
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Shy Lover


The games are well developed and the manga has really nice art, but I too don't much care for either ;c I just love helping out the community ouo;;
also your avatar is very intimidating. *^* I like it.
so tired of the facebook and twitter and istore crap. why have links to this stuff if gaias supposed to be its own community? if i wanted to play games and stuff on it, i'd go there instead of here.
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The games are well developed and the manga has really nice art, but I too don't much care for either ;c I just love helping out the community ouo;;
also your avatar is very intimidating. *^* I like it.

Thank you. ^////^
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If you could use your own avatar from the site I'd be interested. The main NPC's bore me.

Adored Bookworm

iioceanlab says;
I don't read the Manga really (I tried to get into it and then got all confuzzled).
Don't hate it, but i respect you are trying to make this Community likable for everyone's different style and uniqueness/

Board Game sounds awesome, but i'd like to see more improvements on the site the Interface
I liked how it was on Go-Gaia.com (although it had it's moments i got lost)
Been using Better Gaia a lot due to the interface is not eye appealing.
And glitches.....just fix them enough said. >w<

Another big deal i would like to see one day in the future is the market place and it's outrages prices fixed (The Currency problem on Gaia *This is not wallstreet) even on the most ridiculous items that shouldn't be marked 29381463287643872 Gaia Gold.
Please get that fixed somehow someway.

Anyway thank you guys for making this a great community even with all of its bugs every once in awhile. ^^ -brofist ♥

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I love gaia games!

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