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What element of Gaia would you like to see in a board game?

The Characters & Art! 0.15238891895882 15.2% [ 3097 ]
The Adventure & Storyline! 0.08945529695419 8.9% [ 1818 ]
The ability to get Rich with lots of Gold! 0.10894060916203 10.9% [ 2214 ]
All of the Above! 0.4340402499631 43.4% [ 8821 ]
I’m not interested in a Gaia Board Game! 0.076711115484919 7.7% [ 1559 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.13846380947695 13.8% [ 2814 ]
Total Votes:[ 20323 ]
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And what might these new BB codes be? emotion_dowant [<- BB code whore]
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I feel like any gaia board game would end up looking like monopoly.

Maybe a card game would be more fun? You could collect items to wear on you avatar something like that? You could then include art, characters, items, and getting huge amounts of gold (since items could be worth gold...) Also it would be smaller than a board game, so more portable! We could play it in the hallways at cons when you guys visit and stuff.

And thank you so so so so much for updating the inventory arranger!!! Those of us who like to arrange all our items in a rainbow are grateful.
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All of the above for the board element game! Thank you again Gaia team!
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This is really interesting,
Just make it fun first!
Characters are important, they're what makes it fun, i think...

**i'm sure the gaming community would be able to provide meaningful insight to this**
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I voted all of the above because it would really be an awesome board game. Would love to buy one as soon as they come out.
I believe in Story line its much more interesting
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$$$$$$$$ please.
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What I want in a Gaia Board game would have more to do with putting together an avatar, and competing with your friends for rare items.

maybe you pick characters who have a list of goals, or you pick goals seperately and characters have special abilities to get gold; either way, you compete for items to complete an avatar on your list, and more valuable items appear on more lists.
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Just BTW- I LOVE RumbleKitten. I have been telling just about everyone I know about it! My kitty's so cute XD
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In all reality I'm more concerned with the fact one of the main reasons most of us are here to start...our avatars...something that makes gaia GAIA is really messed up and you guys seem concerned with everything BUT getting this fixed. You guys made one dev notice and that is it.

Though yeah a board game would be pretty cool...but really can we please focus on the black hole glitch...
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I mainly love designing my avatar and profile....speaking of which is it possible to find out what can be done about the WIX updating with their updating of their coding.
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...a board game based on gaia
if only it didn't have lag like any other gaia game in here emotion_donotwant
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Oh yay. more pointless Gaia Games I most likely will not play. Just here for the community. lol

There not pointless they give u 5 gold for every hour you play them.
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To be honest not really interested in a board game for Gaia which says something when we have a closet full of board games so full that they don't fit on the shelves and we had to purchase another shelving unit to hold them. Least of all please please don't make a monopoly board or even consider it an option it's cheesy and over done.

Then again I'm strictly speaking in terms of a physical board game not a digital.

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