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What part of the Valentines Day Event do you like best?

Event Forum 0.094693674661364 9.5% [ 762 ]
Themed Flash Space 0.09817323226047 9.8% [ 790 ]
Custom Valentines 0.38337268547285 38.3% [ 3085 ]
Diedrich's Love Hotline 0.19982602212004 20.0% [ 1608 ]
I don't care just give me my gold. 0.22393438548527 22.4% [ 1802 ]
Total Votes:[ 8047 ]
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A red cloak for the eye to glare at or sumthing... rofl
Definitely the red honeymoon panties.
They are easy to dance in and would go well with the stripper pole from that picture on your profile. heart
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i think anything short and embaresing like a white bra and underwear with a open puple robe biggrin
Anything that is just down right hilariuos
redface can you give me gold,ring and costume.. plese crying
Please give me gold,costume and ring.. please crying
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DJ Helsing You gotta wear Pink bra and panties. Glasses (cause you do biggrin ) pink high heels and a robe. So cool. Drag FTW ^ ^
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heart Tiny hearts boxers!!! whee
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pink boxer briefs!

why? b/c briefs need more support

edit: lol *facepalm*
DJ Helsing, you should wear the Ruby's Rack Signature Honeymoon Sleepshirt with Blue Fleece-inlined house slippers and a Teal Satin Sleepmask because I like teal. I think you would look amazing in that. Also, put on the Mint Bitty Bloomers for fun. cat_rofl cat_xd cat_blaugh cat_redface
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I planned to make a great video in order to show Gaia how much I love this place... something like "Gaia, be my valentine!".
But then again, I'm such perfectionist that it wouldn't be ready in time, so, I gave up. xp
Anyway, still love this place.
Gaia, be my valentine!
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Male Account Control
HAPPY heart ( V ) heart -DAY rolleyes !
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i wish i have a friend who would help me get what i wanted just a friend that was be a nice thing and i am poor like a man on a street to me it will be my best day when
i got my wish items i wanted
plz help me get it crying
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What, do we just post here and cross fingers, that's all? mrgreen
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lol, tighty whities, the red lounge robe, and something classy with it, like a pipe. very old-school classy wink wink wink cool

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