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Would you purchase a Gaia Online Avatar Themed Board Game?

Yes Definitely! 0.18342674139311 18.3% [ 2291 ]
Maybe, It depends! 0.45900720576461 45.9% [ 5733 ]
No I’m not a fan of Board Games! 0.15556445156125 15.6% [ 1943 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.20200160128102 20.2% [ 2523 ]
Total Votes:[ 12490 ]
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Hinote Shin's avatar

Omnipresent Prophet

my favorite holiday theme item is always the Jack items around Halloween
The Semblance of Unity's avatar

Newbie Hunter

Dance! I wanna dance...

    I love the Spirited 2k9 Captain's Coat! I just wish more things were that shade of green. Or just green and silver in general, haha.

      wow... fantastic, baby.
Rexxie Alex's avatar

Hilarious Friend

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My favorite holiday items are the new ones from this year.
I think the choice of colors are awesome, and they can be matched with a lot of different items
(unlike a lot of the past holiday items which could only be matched exclusively to that set.)
binghu's avatar

Apocalyptic Paladin

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Polar tear.

I love evolving items and they always have so many applications and uses!! Also, it was many of my friends wishlist items and I was able to successfully gift it to them making their day happier!!
Lt Shiny Scales's avatar

Dangerous Explorer

User Image
sugarmint clip heart
KatanaWielder26's avatar

Omnipresent Phantom

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Arisol's avatar

Sparkly Lunatic

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I am a pretty huge boardgame fan, but unless it's wellmade then ..no i prolly wouldnt buy it, but i do love gaia and i do love boardgames so the possibility that i would buy it is ...roughly... hmm 83%

on another note, my favorite holiday item? so far it's this years caroling items, theyre very cute together and can be used with many other things, it's very holidayish yet nice an simple in the style so it could be used all year round really.
Das Pixie's avatar

Feral Lunatic

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To be honest, my favourite holiday themed item has always been the Jacked up Cape. It was one of the first Halloween items I was introduced to when I first came to Gaia online and I've always kept a certain fondness for it in my heart-- even now, years later. I may not always own the item, but it's still one of my favourite holiday items if not in my top ten favourites overall.
iMxNoTxCrAzY's avatar

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My favorite holiday themed item is the spirited 2k7 Puff Vest because its multi-functional! Not only is it a festive vest to keep you warm on those late night sleigh rides, but if you leave it unzipped you might get Santa to give you a little extra present wink A SHIRT TO PUT ON UNDER IT SILLY!!!!
Happy Holidays Everyone!
m3g4t0ky0's avatar

Magical Shoujo

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Rudolph's Snot

Also, it sucks that Animazement gets snubbed again. Maybe one year Gaia will finally be able to make it to Raleigh.
4wendy's avatar

Sparkly Explorer

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I think my favorite holiday item is a tie between the holiday 2k10 and 2k11 scarfs. I just love them both, and that they are just so cute emotion_yatta
Shoopuffs's avatar

Unholy Prophet

My favorite is by far the Jacked up shoes.
I use them all the time, the color may be a bit hard to match but they basically fit with any outfit.
s u g a r i t i s's avatar

Blessed Prophet

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does peanut butter fudge count, because that is the epitome of my holiday.
mmm, fudge emotion_dowant
SherIocked's avatar

Fashionable Gaian

My favorite holiday themed item is this Strawberry Cream Cake. (I really hope this counts)
It's too cute and it completes my avi emotion_kirakira
Mazohyst_Kyo is D E A D's avatar

Magical Girl

Vampire Hunter Hat - I've always liked it because the floor item it has, I used to own one and always want it back hahaha

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