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Would you purchase a Gaia Online Avatar Themed Board Game?

Yes Definitely! 0.18342674139311 18.3% [ 2291 ]
Maybe, It depends! 0.45900720576461 45.9% [ 5733 ]
No I’m not a fan of Board Games! 0.15556445156125 15.6% [ 1943 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.20200160128102 20.2% [ 2523 ]
Total Votes:[ 12490 ]
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Seopa's avatar

Perfect Saint

My favorite holiday themed item is the Four Ponies of the Apocalypse not only because they're cute but I also have always been fascinated by the chapter Revelations in the Bible and even based four characters in a story of mine off of the four horsemen. It was really cool to be able to sport my own story by wearing that item, even though no one else realizes I am.
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Partying Streaker

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thats easy! Jingle Me Hat, its a very different holiday item that doesnt look like anything else in Gaia.
The_Fallen_King1998's avatar

Invisible Hunter

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I like the Mistletoe Cupcake 'cause it's cute and nice to give to your Holiday Sweety! ;3
My favorite holiday themed item are the christmas trees because we have a tradition of putting up a christmas tree up every year together as a family
Sidney Has A Kidney's avatar

Golden Gekko

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My favorite holiday themed item is wintry kisses, because it goes perfect with candy canes and stuff like that cx
I <3 The jack 2k6 dress and how its trimmed with leaves

What? You never said which holiday!
The reindeer antlers, they are so simple, but help complete almost any outfit. Plus, you can wear them year round! cat_3nodding
FrostyPeaches's avatar

Super Stalker

BuBu Kitty Plushie heart
He's soo adorable clinging on my avatar's back!
Mahogany Sunset's avatar

Beloved Bibliophile

I love the Poinsettia Dress because it's so sparkly and pretty. emotion_kirakira
Halloween is my favorite themed item because it allows for the most creativity.
la_persona's avatar

Dangerous Millionaire

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Polar Tear looks really beautiful! I am currently saving up to get one. Super excited. I'm a winter baby, and love anything snowy whee
Mereluna's avatar

Lady Strawberry

I like the Peppermint Stripe Apron best because it has a cookie in the pocket. emotion_omnomnom
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Dangerous Noob

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What’s your favorite Holiday themed item and why!

hmmmm....i would have to say the holiday bunker background it kinda fits with the predicted end of the world
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Original Entrepreneur

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