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Would you purchase a Gaia Online Avatar Themed Board Game?

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No I’m not a fan of Board Games! 0.15556445156125 15.6% [ 1943 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.20200160128102 20.2% [ 2523 ]
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What’s your favorite Holiday themed item and why?

So far the Four Ponies of the Apocalypse. Cute!
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Cluttered Cutie-Pie

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My favorite holiday item ever is Heart of Gold. It was a nice surprise to get something so delicate and pretty after getting hilariously raggedy items 3nodding
My favorite holiday themed item is the 2008's Spirited 2k8 Candycane Dress <3 I love the simplicity and cuteness heart 4laugh
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Timid Genius

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My favorite holiday item is the Pointsetta Dress. It is so sparkly, pretty, and totally awesome. I would wear this to a real holiday party- it rocks!
-Amoeba Dreamer-
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Blessed Shapeshifter

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I love the December 2k12 collectibles - particularly Princess Honore. The golden ringlets are gorgeous and I love the color scheme. heart
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What’s your favorite Holiday themed item and why!?

Noel's Gift.

I always use the eyes, boys and hair. It's one item I never get bored of!
Jumping Jehosaphat's avatar

Lonely Lunatic

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My favourite holiday item is the vampire bite marks. I wear them all the time in every av.

My favourite Christmas item is probably Noel's Gift. Love the eyes, hair, belt, ect...
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Lonely Phantom

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I like the sugarmint top hat I don't have to many of those in my inventory but I may have to start hunting top hats.
I think the best "Winter Themed" item would be the Reindeer Slippers. They're cute, and warm! 3nodding
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Thieving Cat

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I actually really liked the Holiday Bunker item in this years daily prizes.
This item is easily the expression of holiday decoration in one simple item. Definitely something to include in the item list for a Christmas themed avatar.
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My favourite item is Perfect Present. It's so cute, and basically is the whole outfit! simple, but adorable 3nodding
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Tenacious Sage

My favorite holiday holiday item of all time is the 2k9 Xmas items (that ironically I do not know how to spell.) I really love the design of those items and they are unique from the other Xmas sets by it being a lovely shade of green. emotion_kirakira Now if Gaia would kindly release more items in that shade of green, that would be terrific.

I should also probably note that the reason I like the Xmas sets are because I think they show more community and holiday spirit than any Cash Shop item. Tradition is strong.
-lo-er-'s avatar

Bucktoothed Lunatic

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I really like the Jack'd items! I'm a sucker for Halloween
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Kawaii Muse

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My favorite holiday themed item is this pair of Elftech stockings. 3nodding I love candy canes... so much... (munch) emotion_omnomnom
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Clean Prophet

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I definitely love the collectibles that are given out each Christmas because they are awesome and free!!

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