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Should DJ Helsing get a Pie in the Face in next month's news cast?

No! DJ is a good man and doesn't deserve to be treated that way. 0.18332028513742 18.3% [ 4449 ]
Heck Yes everyone should get a pie in their face at some point in their life. 0.61869051052783 61.9% [ 15015 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker. 0.19798920433475 19.8% [ 4805 ]
Total Votes:[ 24269 ]
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My favorite Gaia NPC is Louie. I'm not sure why... I blame the long hair. xD
That and he's been my favorite since I saw his and Ian's brotherly reunion in the gaia manga c:
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My favorite NPC? Brennivin, due to his ecclectic nature and the fact that he travels all over the place!
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I would have to say my favorite NPC is a competition between Radio Jack and Natasha. I love Radio Jack because he is just so adorable and even though he tries to be all tough and scary, it just adds to the adorable factor. 3nodding And I like Natasha because she's really cool and nice. I love the piercings and tattoos and I love her shop. I spend a lot of money in Skin Tyte. xd So yea, those are My two favorite NPC's
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pie in da face yum_pie pie in da face yum_pie cat_whee cat_whee cat_whee
My favorite NPC is Josie. Gotta admire someone with superhero aspirations!
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I loved Louie but i think he lost his way and got to much twilight like emo

So my favourite NPC is gaia_nitemareleft Zhivago gaia_nitemareright
he never changes this much
he stands his man
he is evil
and he looks yummy rofl
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HE IS NOTHING LIKE ANY TWILIGHT CHARACTER! How could you say such a thing?

he was so cool when they killed their father
but what has he done the last years ?
he sits in edmunds store and does nothing
k he is on the normal events like Olympics and pie stuff but where is the cool dark vampire king / prince ?

Gaia just started neglecting their NPCs what does Twilight have to do with this?
Honestly I don't remember the last time I saw any character development at all, they hardly even update the manga.
I wish they would stop focusing so much of cash items as start focusing more on the manga and the NPCs and the gold shops.
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Shasha...she is hot

and Edmund..he has nice personality
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I'd have to say Sam bc shes a grease monkey same as me XD
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DJ Helsing
-first post-

You said reply to this post, not post a reply in the thread, so I quoted you. >.>;

My favorite NPC is... Hm...
Probably Brennivin, because he's silly and still powerful.User Image
Hm..... >.>

Sam, she's cool.
Pie in the face!! razz biggrin
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hmm...my favourit is Rufus, a speaking cat without pants... show me anyother site where u can find that, where the cat isnt a main character ?

So Rufus rules !!!
(oh and No DJ Helsing shouldnt get a pie in the face... waste of a pie, since who wants to eat from DJ Helsing ?)
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mmmmmmmm....Pumpkin mrgreen
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Yep!! I like Pie!!

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