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Should DJ Helsing get a Pie in the Face in next month's news cast?

No! DJ is a good man and doesn't deserve to be treated that way. 0.18332028513742 18.3% [ 4449 ]
Heck Yes everyone should get a pie in their face at some point in their life. 0.61869051052783 61.9% [ 15015 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker. 0.19798920433475 19.8% [ 4805 ]
Total Votes:[ 24269 ]
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Hi, Gaians! We've got a quick video update to share with you-- in order to keep the Gaia community in the know, we've decided to do monthly video updates (starring yours truly) that let you know exactly what we've been up to lately and what's in store for the coming month.

Of course, there's something in it for you: we'll be hosting a contest and giving away 100,000 Gold to a lucky winner.

We also have an opinion poll set up, so your voice can be heard and your thoughts can shape Gaia's future. This month's question is just for fun but be sure to cast your vote and earn a free Wing Sticker.

UPDATE: There have been some technical issues with the Wing Sticker Grant. If you didn't recieve your Wing Sticker please revote.
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Pie pie pie pie pieee emotion_yatta
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More like "Should Zero get a pie in the face next month" amirite
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Mmm pieeee. emotion_drool
My favorite NPC is Moira. She's been on gaia for so long acting out in her own ways, brings a good sense of humor into a lot of activities. biggrin She's been in some serious events on gaia showing how she shows her natural nature in action.
Sorry DJ, but I think it's pie time.


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Take your pie like a man.
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O.G. Sex Symbol

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I am already over this.
Could you please next month consider doing a written transcript in the second post of the monthly update thread next month?
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