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• Do you think we should rename Edmunds Shop?

Yes It’s time for a new name! 0.31270018621974 31.3% [ 4198 ]
No I like H&R Wesley 0.5292364990689 52.9% [ 7105 ]
I didn’t know! 0.043202979515829 4.3% [ 580 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.11486033519553 11.5% [ 1542 ]
Total Votes:[ 13425 ]
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Shirtless Gekko

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Whats your favorite Gaia Shop and Why!

My favorite gaia shop is the Buttercup Cafe. Rina is my favorite NPC on gaia because shes the one that tells me when I get gifts, and shes the cutest. Id like to one day see the Buttercup Cafe have cute things to wear in it such as hair berets and accessories that Rina has made herself out of her lovely flowers and foods.
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Sparkly Hunter

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Conservative Exhibitionist

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My favorite gaia shop is CrosStitch , because of Stein's sexy butt : emotion_awesome
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Friendly Explorer

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  • Citizen 200
I like the gaia store cross stitch the best b/c it has the designs of all different gaians. biggrin
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Dapper Citizen

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I like the name the way it is! It's very upper class.
Crumpled Scrap Paper's avatar

Sparkly Lunatic

Hm, my favourite shop would probably be Ruby's Rack! Mostly because it's full of such cute items, but also because I just love Peyo! He's such a little sweetie.
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Tipsy Sex Symbol

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I LOVE Dernier Cri, the items there are so well made and I love the toscano jacket and the purple cape @.@

I also love Salon Durem, because Vanessa is the best NPC biggrin (after the Von Helson Sisters)

Change the name! I loved the new names you gave to the shopes when there was a big chage.
pearlmethyst's avatar

Cute Girl

I can't help it--I love Durem Depot! The styles there are goth, kawaii AND retro-- and so COOL! I just love the variety!

We should rename H&R Wesley Shmancy Pants- Styles for Dapper Gents and Ladies. Or something.
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Questionable Sex Symbol

Whats your favorite Gaia Shop and Why?

H&R Wesly because it was the first shop I ever bought an item I really liked when I was a newbie back in 2003 or 04 or so. :>
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Profitable Hunter

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Whats your favorite Gaia Shop and Why?
My favorite Gaia Shop is the Prize & Joy, because to get the items there you need to earn to tickets via gambling. If you are VERY rich, you can just buy your way through... Oh, and the Prize & Joy is my favorite also because to has the Gaia-tan body pillow. heart
Question: Whats your favorite Gaia Shop and Why!

I like Durem Depot, because the clothes there are cool. heart
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Lonely Sex Symbol

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I honestly like, CrosStich. Because it show's the people on Gaia, how artistic they can be for a couple of items.
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Rainbow Lover

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I think my favorite is H&R Wesley, cause that's where a lot of my favorite items come from.
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Shy Gaian

My favorite shop must be Cross Stitch cause I love to see ideas from others to turn real
I like the old name myself. There's really is no need to change it.

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