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• Do you think we should rename Edmunds Shop?

Yes It’s time for a new name! 0.31270018621974 31.3% [ 4198 ]
No I like H&R Wesley 0.5292364990689 52.9% [ 7105 ]
I didn’t know! 0.043202979515829 4.3% [ 580 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.11486033519553 11.5% [ 1542 ]
Total Votes:[ 13425 ]
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Yeah the name always reminds me of Ron Weasley
Buttercup Cafe
'Cause Rina's delightful treats remind me of my sweet childhood days.
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Yes, make a change, keep up with the times. Changes occur every day wink . Look at going to the mall. How many times do you walk in to go shop then all of a sudden that "favorite" store of yours is now called something else.

So how come Louie, a wrench looking guy, is the face of the store...OMG...never mind..has anyone else learned his story let?? Click and read...great story smile
i think it is time for another name like ........ i dont know i just think H&R wesley is getting boring so i would vote for a new name biggrin
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CrossStitch is my favorite shop because the items sold there are amazing!!! I love to see what people's creativity can make.
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Cross Stitch is my favorite store because I love to see all that the creative designs that people come up with. The clothes are so detailed and unique! It's just amazing what people can come up with when they put their mind to it. biggrin
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H&R Wesley. I like wearing luxury clothes in real life but mix and match, so since H&R Wesley is a formal-wear store, I love it the most.
im going to have to go with crossstitch it really open peoples minds to wats to com next in the gaia generation
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Friendly Browser

Crosstitch because I like seeing peoples creative design and what they can make.
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Whats your favorite Gaia Shop and Why!
I Choose Cross Stitch because i like the idea of getting gaian's creativity become reality...
I love how it give gaia a more family/community feel and effort!
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I choose Global Imports.
I love it because like it says it has stuff from different cultures and such which I love completely. The items are so different than any other store and not only are they cute but come in tons of different colors.
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Barton Boutique is my favorite because its full of costumes and etc that allow you to be fun and creative with your personal Gaian. I'd hate to go from looking normal in real life to looking normal virtually when I have the opportunity to do so much more.
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every shop give me what i need so i dont care
DJ Helsing
User Image

Hi, Gaians! We've got a quick video update to share with you-- in order to keep the Gaia community in the know, we've decided to do monthly video updates (starring yours truly) that let you know exactly what we've been up to lately and what's in store for the coming month.

Of course, there's something in it for you: we'll be hosting a contest and giving away 100,000 Gold to a lucky winner.

We also have an opinion poll set up, so your voice can be heard and your thoughts can shape Gaia's future. Be sure to cast your vote and earn a free Wing Sticker.

Also here is a summary of all the updates from July 15th to now!


Last Month in Review:

• Site & Feature Updates:
• Over 30 Updates and bug fixes with the most notable being
o The Cash Tree and Offers Page have changed!
o Launched Gaia Blog
o Launch of Towns 2.0
o Improvements to the avatar page
o Updated to guild announcements

• Item Updates:
o Cash Shop Update:
 Rejected Olympics Team Bundle
 An additional Rejected Olympics Uniform!
 Rapid EI Bundle #5!
 Cirque Du Lumiere Bundle!

o Gold Shop Update:
 Gaia Scouts and Island Celebration!
 Hats Off to You!
o New E.I.:
 All-Star Cheer
o New C.I.:
 August Advance Chance!
 The Runic Challenge
 Forgotten Reverie!
o New MC's:
 Past Month: July
• Captive Syrma
• Devoted Spica
 This Month: August
• Literary Luxury
• Beard Science
o EI Reports:
 Modus Operandi
 Lady Jayne and the Mummy
 All-Star Cheer
 Bunnihilation!

• Contests:
o August Wii Giveaway Contest

• Online Events:
o The Rejected Olympics
o 10th Annual Ball!
o Shop Bomber Event
o Cash Shop Cleanup! Event
o Help Rebuild Edmund's Shop! event

• Convention Tour:
o Otakon 2012!
o Gencon 2012!

• Sponsorships:
o .

• Other:
o New possibility in the Crystal Box!
o Released the Heralds of Chaos trailer!
o Launched Gaia Blog
o Updates to the Gaia Manga
o Multiple Updates to Bid Blast


• Convention Tour 2012:
o Fan Expo 2012
o Sac Anime Summer 2012

• Mc Giveaway Contest
• Events Calendar
• More Manga Updates


Contest Rules and How To Enter:

  • Reply to this thread with your answer to this question:

    Whats your favorite Gaia Shop and Why!

  • Submit your entry before Tuesday August 28th 2012 at 12:00 noon PST!

Rules and Judging:

  • This contest is open to all Gaians! We will not disqualify anyone based on age or location.
  • You must reply to this thread with your favorite Gaia Shop and tell us why. Incomplete entries and spam posts will be disqualified.
  • Though you may submit multiple entries, we highly recommend that you choose your favorite entry and best reasoning and enter only once.
  • Entries must be a Gaia Shop accompanied by a relevant reason why it’s your favorite, or they will be disqualified.
  • Entries must not include any explicit or inappropriate words or phrases.

When the contest has ended, Tuesday August 28th 2012 at 12:00 noon PST, we will review the entries and choose 1 random winner to receive 100,000 Gaia Gold. The winners will be contacted via PM and granted their prize directly into their inventory. Winners may be announced at the conclusion of the contest once they have received their prize!

Have Fun and Good luck!
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my favrite store is h&r its an awsome store and i try to buy alot from there i spent all my money im earning more to spend there
heart xp whee

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