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• Do you think we should rename Edmunds Shop?

Yes It’s time for a new name! 0.31270018621974 31.3% [ 4198 ]
No I like H&R Wesley 0.5292364990689 52.9% [ 7105 ]
I didn’t know! 0.043202979515829 4.3% [ 580 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.11486033519553 11.5% [ 1542 ]
Total Votes:[ 13425 ]
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I would like a new name
Crosstich is just amazing, I only wish their updates were more like every month
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New name would be awesome!
My favorite would have to be CrossStitch, not only does it offer contests so users can MAKE items. It also take some item ideas and make them real!
Junk in the Trunk
What's not to like about a shop run by an elk?
I'm not going to lie, i have a soft spot for Carl xd
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Lupine Shapeshifter

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My favorite shop has always been Durem Depot! I love Moira and I love the style of clothes there.

More recently I've been liking Cross Stitch as well because it has the same kind of edgey darkness to it.
Soleil Loreli's avatar


Cross Stitch, I love seeing player's ideas come to life.
My favorite shop is H&R Wesley. I remember back in 2007 that shop was awe-inspiring. For my first dream avatar, I got items from their.
The satin set -- corset and skirt. I felt that it was so expensive back then.

Hopefully, Gaia won't change the name.
Buttercup cafe is my favorite! 4laugh
I love Rina and all the sweets she has in her shop.
We need an update in there and get more food we can hold, maybe even an "eat" option where it looks like we're actually eating it. emotion_kirakira I'd love to make my avi look like she's eating a bagel or some kind of yummy looking pie.
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Original Gawker

yo, u never pick me.
panda hat.
Barton Boutique: It has a little of everything... and HATS.
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Durem Depot, it's all dark and brooding, like me.
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The Butter Cup Cafe, is my all time favorite shop
The reason is because i just love all the cute floral items she has there, plus i am able to exchange my flowers to make a bouquet. Which i save up until May 1st, than i give those out as gifts for May Day
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always like to here what has been done from the last month till the 15th
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I love H&R Wesley simply because it is so classy....and Louie's a hunk.
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I like global imports because of the variety of objects from around the world. I like that I'm able to find dresses from different cultures and things like turbans or nice decorative slipper shoes.
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keep the old name it's brings back so many memories :3 and it's no broken so don't fix it (the name anyways the shop is pretty much in peices but we fix it smile )

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