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If Gaia had pets which pet would you like to see on Gaia?

Alpaca 0.088056961673249 8.8% [ 1583 ]
Cat 0.12705123212994 12.7% [ 2284 ]
Dog / Wolf 0.12621683261946 12.6% [ 2269 ]
Dragon 0.24258775101519 24.3% [ 4361 ]
Fox 0.13261389553318 13.3% [ 2384 ]
Owl 0.073371530288702 7.3% [ 1319 ]
Pony / Unicorn 0.079657339934361 8.0% [ 1432 ]
Rabbit 0.047838905267842 4.8% [ 860 ]
I’m not interested in pets! 0.027980196918284 2.8% [ 503 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.054625354619792 5.5% [ 982 ]
Total Votes:[ 17977 ]
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Hi, Gaians! We've got a quick video update to share with you-- in order to keep the Gaia community in the know, we've decided to do monthly video updates (starring yours truly) that let you know exactly what we've been up to lately and what's in store for the coming month.

Of course, there's something in it for you: we have an opinion poll set up, so your voice can be heard and your thoughts can shape Gaia's future. Be sure to cast your vote and earn a free Wing Sticker.

Also here is a summary of all the updates from the last 30 days!


Gaia Community Updates: April 2013

Site & Feature Updates:

Update to login achievements
Updates the manga landing page with new ui and easier navigation
Google removing Meebo bar June 6th

Cash Shop Update:

Recolor Bundle #1!
Black Butler Items

Gold Shop Update:

Regency and Faerie!
rain gear from cross stitch contest

New E.I.:

Dark Heart!

New C.I.:

Advance Chance!
Final Line
Culinary Coliseum!

New A.I.:


New MC's:

Last Month

Rugged Woodsman
Shy Gardener

This Month

Pixie Queen
Nightmare Scythe

EI Reports:

Parcel Post!
Cafe Miam
Dark Heart

Contests & Giveaways:

the Original Characters contest in cross stitch

Online Events:


Convention Tour:

Sakura Con 2013! (no go)
Wonder Con 2013!

Partnerships & Sponsorships:

Light a Gone novel author chat and free items


Free Waffles item with RumbleKitten and Gaia on the Go!
New in the Crystal Box: Winston the Wiener Dog!
new bonus item with Gaia Cash Offers!
Sneak peak at community pages and want your feedback so find the staff notice
Huge Unisex item update
Announced the Frontier Skies Board Game


Convention Tour 2013
A Kon
Anime Central
Housing 2.0
Summer Event
Community pages
Inventory arranger update

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Hi Gaia biggrin
Also I enjoy watching you struggle pronouncing all those weird names of stuff.
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Gambino Fairy

What's this about pets?
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Eloquent Glitch

Wing Stickies!~

Also, about those pets ... would it just be like aquariums or could we actually equip our little friends?
// Would rather have new summons for z!
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Thank you for the updates, DJ Helsing.

Where did Zero go?
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I love rabbits.
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Pets sound fun : D
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Please bring Panagrammic back to Gaia! I'd much rather have him back than a Gaia pet! crying
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I would love to have a kitty cat pet! <3
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Alpaca and kitties!^^
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the pet I wanted was not on there. I WANTED A DINOSAUR! THERE IS NO DINOSAUR OPTION emotion_donotwant
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What's this about pets?

For a pet system biggrin

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