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Which element of the Easter Event do you like best?

Chasing Diedrich around the flash space! 0.19843131505644 19.8% [ 2707 ]
Collecting Diedrich's around the site! 0.29115965400968 29.1% [ 3972 ]
Interacting with the Easter bunny in the forums! 0.13055270488198 13.1% [ 1781 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.3798563260519 38.0% [ 5182 ]
Total Votes:[ 13642 ]
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Lady Man-at-arms

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Twice. Headshot, Groinshot. Make 'em count.
weyolah's avatar

Beloved Nerd

nyan~ I say we shoot him according to the number he rolls on a D&D dice pair..?

If you want a number, then 13~
starkaat's avatar


The audio kept blipping out on me in this one... but yay, monthly video update. :D

...and, most importantly, we had our zOMG Easter Event, which is also a ton of fun...

I'm guessing this was just parapraxis, but hearing it still brightened my day. :b

I do not want DJ Helsing to be filled with any lead. o n o
Oh, nerf guns? All righty then. He should clearly be shot with as many nerf bullets as possible. Preferably from all angles, heheh.
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Dangerous Warlord

13 times. Why? Because it's Friday the 13th and I'm in a 13 mood!
I think Dj Helsing should get shot with all of the ammo that you guys have. With both guns of course! 3nodding xd 3nodding
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6,150 Points
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  • Dressed Up 200
I think he should get shot 16 times because that's my favorite number. biggrin
How many times should we shoot DJ Helsing with a Nerf Gun in next month’s Video Update?

You should get 15 people with nerf guns to all shoot him 5 times biggrin
So thats... 75 times! I love multiples of five ^^

Just dont do it one at a time D: That would take waaaay too long!
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Rainbow Raider

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The answer to the ultimate question is...42, of course.
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Unbeatable Werewolf

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How many times should we shoot DJ Helsing with a Nerf Gun in next month’s Video Update?

100-400 times. 60 in the head, 1 in the crotch at the end and some one should seek in sum bb guns 6 o i herd that the disk is the one that's the best for pain

i am a from Trinidad and since you don't come here i want to see DJ cry like a little kid sorry man i jest cant let it slide that should teach him not to make up dumb ideas

don't support guns they help kill people
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60 times a day!
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Shirtless Elocutionist

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42 times! 42 is the answer to life of course....
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Junior Noob

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I sugest you should shoot him exactly 10.5 times. The point five is so you will confuse him. He wont know whether you shot him ten times or eleven times because the last bullet barley skimmed him. Such confusion will drive him crazy thus resulting in a head explosion... in which case... maybe not mrgreen
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Hallowed Rogue

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3rd times the charm, so I think three times will suffice. I'm not cruel enough to say over that. That's just inhumane. Lmao. =D
Dull Dearie's avatar


31 times. One dart per day. xp

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