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Which element of the Easter Event do you like best?

Chasing Diedrich around the flash space! 0.19843131505644 19.8% [ 2707 ]
Collecting Diedrich's around the site! 0.29115965400968 29.1% [ 3972 ]
Interacting with the Easter bunny in the forums! 0.13055270488198 13.1% [ 1781 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.3798563260519 38.0% [ 5182 ]
Total Votes:[ 13642 ]
I would say 10 times because I don't know the person that much so If I had a nerf gun I would not shoot the person less than 5 times I went 4 higher because of size o.o and not over 10 because then I can seriously hurt someone and the person might think I am crazy if i over do it I say it would not be nice but 10 shots is a perfect amount.
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I think you guys should get a 2 nerf Vulcan guns and waste all the ammo on him biggrin it'll be awsome mrgreen
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Hmm.... I say 25. 25 just seems like a nice number, and it gives you the chance to cover as much of him as you can emotion_awesome

Or you could ditch the gun and use a nerf missile launcher, but that might hurt a bit too much....heh heh.

How many times should we shoot DJ Helsing with a Nerf Gun in next month’s Video Update?

I say maybe.... 18 times. I just like the number 18 ^_^ Until you run out of ammo could be funny too but I don't want to actually hurt the poor guy lol. Don't him in the knee though, or else he'll never be an adventurer razz
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Hmm, I'd say 7?
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How many times...... um...... 2 darts per each year he's been alive.
I think 17 times would be suffice dramallama
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I think 20 times
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One for every five people who entered this contest,
I don't know,
just because.
I vote 21 times. Now get on with the shootin'!
00,000,000 times.I like him. smile
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Wait, nerf guns don't hurt do they? so i say about 30times, in the same spot.
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I think they should go around and have everyone in the office shoot him once. Or maybe like have a bunch of people ambush him as he's getting off the elevator
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All you Gaians are so cruel!
Okay, it might be fun to watch someone suffer, I give you that..
But don't shoot DJ, hug him instead! heart
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Aww, poor Helsing. I vote for three times, because it's low enough to not just be like "okay... we get it; you're shooting him... it's not funny anymore," but it's still enough that it'd be amusing and prominent in the video.

Poor Helsing, always getting abused. He's a trooper. :p

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