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So, This is how I'm going to figure it out. Whence I send gifts I'll put a quote with the person I gifted (which will be entire group of neighbors) and what I gifted to them (entire list of items available). I would love then if my neighbors would then gift back, and tell me they did so. Hey, they get some extra gold from it in the process.

But here's the other reason I want to do it that way. I want to know if I'm gifting items that are helpful to playing this game to people who'll kindly return the favor. If they aren't returning said favor, then I'll look for a new neighbor that will and then delete those who aren't from my neighbor list.

Seems harsh, but I've been sending out gifts of every item (but nametags) to everyone on my neighbors list. What do I get? Nearly diddly squat, like a "well, guess I should" thing. There was a few days where I got good gifts, but that kinda stopped. Someone's gifted me nametags, which is where I get to the second point, my neighbors can come to this thread and ask me for an item that I either forgot to gift or just don't think anyone bothers with said gift, such as nametags.

I'll do that later today (in this thread) when I get back on gaia. Right now.. I'm getting off to go to bed.

To those who noticed my 'share' thing. thanks, and sorry if I seem a bit like an a**, but wouldn't you be a bit miffed if you were gifting people every day and only got say, five gifts none of which are what you really want. right now I want seeds and evo potions. Trying to get evolutions, and to get one evolved creature to evolve again I need three more of them (three Horus evolve yet again) that means I need to snag around 21 munnins and have 30 potions alone.. I'm not sure how many the horus evo needs.
I share your sentiments, hence why I made that topic in the "Add Me Requests" section. Somewhere down the line I started keeping tabs on who is playing everyday when I go to gather my daily whistles.

I of course assume you're at least getting the starseeds/evolution potions I send to every active player on my neighbor list daily, otherwise the gifting system may be damaged or broken in some way.

Edit: I JUST sent one of everything, btw, it should come in the order of: starseed, evolution potion, 100 HP Potion, 40 HP potion, name tag. Check if that came through. (I don't normally send the latter 3 due to my slow comp and neighbor list of around 30ish, but I figure this will help test that.)

Also, I recall something along the lines that you might be only able to get 5 of each item a day through the free gift system, I'm not sure about that, though.
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Eddie E-X

Glad I'm not the only one who hates the gifting system. I did hear something about caps of 5 30 but forgot what it was. I kinda figured you had a lot of neighbors, what with how many moga you got.
Yeah, got it, and in that order.
Also I did try going by the who's active via the whistle tree's life. IT wasn't obviously working, but oh well.
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Distinct Lunatic

Eddie E-X
Gifted all but nametag

Got all items but nametag. Though I actually didn't question you giving or not. just letting ya know that I gifted ya is all
Angry Basilisk

Got 100 Hp, evo and 40HP potion (wasn't on list for the star seed for some reason)
Duplin Red

Gifted all items but nametag

Gifted all items but nametag

Gifted all items but nametag

Gifted all items but nametag and 100 HP (yer new to my friends list, give it another day and I'll prolly add that in)

Gifted all items but nametag

Gifted all items but nametag
sir jay jays

Gifted all items but nametag

Gifted all items but nametag. Though like with Chibi, I didn't question you gifting or not. just letting ya know that I gifted ya is all

Ahh, and for the other reason that I'm doing this. Anyone here (on this list) who wants more neighbors and doesn't have someone on my list ask in this thread if one of my neighbors will be yours as well. You (my neighbors) could equally put a list here for others to add neighbors to.

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