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nice avi 3nodding ,, Spike too powerfull I think ,,

Thanks ^^
When I went out to catch him, I more had trouble finding him than catching him
I guess it was the moga cosmic balance. I had horrible luck when trying to find him, but when I finally did find him, I had wonderful luck catching him (1 starseed). *pats my Spike*

Spike is really rare to find.The most peoples saay im crazy,because even if i collect 3 ss i go after a hunt-for legendary or epic.And so one day when i didnt had Spike,wasted over 200 ss on him,had 2 ss,and said oh damn it all.I picked up 3 Hanzos and i counted(i may even be crazy)after 47 min Spike showed up at Cortex and i caught it with 1 ss.After that i dont remember cause i got a heart attack XD

uhh so lucky xd ,,