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stare Dose anyone have the problem of fighting the Winja! I think they should get rid of the Winga from the game because it is nearly impossible to kill or catch!

stare IF you do have these problem then tell me all about it!
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they're not that hard.
though, i've only caught one winja.
they don't appear that often, but i caught mine, and it was at level nine when i caught it.
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but surely the harder it is to catch the better the moga? so when you do get it you have a good one. but actually you can catch any moga with 1 starseed if your lucky, so when capturing it doesn't matter how good they are.
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Winja is hard to kill! especially in level 50 burning_eyes
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It's hard kill a winja due their regrowth sad
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don't you have to be the same level as the moga you are trying to catch?
Catching it shouldn't be too hard.... heck, I caught a cactoo in 1 seed
Three tries to capture the winja and three defeats .......................µ£$#& of regrowth scream

Finally , i've used a special starseed 100% to capture ; for 60 moga cash if i remember
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gaia_angelleft gaia_nitemareright If Winja is level 9, I recommend you to be level 10-12. I caught Winja when he was with 1-5 HP. It's not hard at all to catch them. I have 2 right now, and I'm gonna catch more so it evolves to that 1 Moga. Sorry I 4got the name. U get a better chance (I really guarantee you to go to that place) at Spiral Cave on the last point or last room or whatever. But if U wanna go to Thronwood then be my guest, but U gotta be level 15 or something like that to have a better chance to catch them.
There's also this 1 dragon named Dexter that U take with you and Dexter hurts them until they get to 1 HP. Pretty cool if U are planning on catching Mogas BELOW YOUR LEVEL otherwise it'll be a waste of time.
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