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I understand that the developers or staff are really trying to work hard on repairing the neighbor glitches, but it has been months since I last heard the announcement and the Monster Galaxy game was working fine the whole time, but now the neighbor glitch has been spreading. All of our neighbors in Monster Galaxy are now gone and every username of "invited neighbors" are all undefined. I have no idea how long this will last, and it has been months since we were previously hearing from the developers about the neighbor glitch. But when will this game get fixed? Oh, and when it does get fixed, and everything in the game is back to the way it should be again, do we have to resend the neighbor invitation again? or will our neighbors automatically return to the game that time? This is why I had to post this topic. I had to drop a line and I had to remind the developers in case if this gets forgotten.
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I stopped playing Gaia for 2 months, just came back and the glitch is still here for me too. This is ridiculous. I'm not playing MG until it's fixed. :/
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We all feel the same way you do, Dolphin, so I understand where this is going. I hope the developers will fix this glitch at an opportune time.
Actually it seems MoGa is frequently having different glitches and has been for well over a year now.
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i never play this game any more but i hope it does get sorted
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I thought I was the only one on this neighbor thing...

I played it on facebook last year, and it was fine, but then I saw it was on gaia which I apparently never noticed before, and made a new game on it just a few days ago... I'm having a hard time starting with no neighbors, I can't use these whistles from my quests, I die too much, the moga naps take soooo long, and I have no seeds ever to continue the game how it should be.... :c It's making me really sad...

I also bought gcash last night to convert to moga cash but it wont let me because it says that my PayPal account still needs to be confirmed and to come back in 7 days. I never made a paypal, I don't own one, I never signed up when I payed, I clicked to pay as a guest..I sent a ticket..But still...Ugh...I wanna play D: I love this game....Darnit Gaia, get your shniz together.
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I dont know, no new staffs more than 8 months gonk
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I've gotta say, it's kind of annoying how much of a problem adding neighbors is. There should be at least 8 people in my list by now, but it won't work, no matter how many reminders I send.
Bump ninja
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i don't have that problem but i hope they fix it soon.

my biggest problem is everyone i add going inactive.

anybody who really plays this game daily or almost daily long term please add me, if you can!
even if all you do is water your tree everyday
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I dont know, not new updates more than 8 months
Whats happen with Monster Galaxy??'

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