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What kinda special attack u hated most?? And What MOGA?? xd xd
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confuse.. staryak confuse+time warp = PWNAGE! rofl
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first of all i agree staryak is a pawning moga confuse +time warp but i have to say either blind or regrowth :O
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oh and i hate mogas with healing shield ability too.. they are freaking zombies lol... biggrin
confuseeeeeeeeeee scream scream scream
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happy feet and blind

1) they waste your attacks unlike confuse , especially if you have a striker moga , you can waste all 5 zodiac attacks without a single hit

2) they make you waste some special abilities, you will miss couple of times until you land them ( if ability lands on other moga)

what moga ?

Yara tank with happy feet,

I will avoid him in PVP levels 20-24 because Yara is one of the best PVP moga at this level , has happy feet 5 already and shield of thorns 5 ( chance for 400 damage at level 20 and 25% of activating it on 15 hits he will activate it 4-5 times on average) most moga get both abilities at level 30 or 40 but Yara gets them at 20 , also most moga have 15% chance of activating random ability at this level while Yara has 25%

When my Yara was level 20-24 i rarely needed to put 2nd moga in PVP he would take out 2 or 3 moga alone

He is easier to deal with at higher levels 30+ in PVP because he loses advantage of high level abilities he gets early, but he is still super annoying
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happy feet healing shield and confuse

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