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I've added a bunch of friends recently to have neighbors to send/receive starseeds/potions; however, I'm having two (possibly related) problems:

(1) The friends I've added in facebook are not showing up as a possibility to add as neighbors when I click the "add neighbor" button; and

(2) The ones who do get successfully added as neighbors, when I click the "send starseed" button, not all neighbors show up. I'm getting things from neighbors to whom I havent been able to send things because of this, and I'd like to fix it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
about number 2 smile

each player can have only 5 of each gift per day after getting these 5 gift their name will disappear from the list so if you don't find a name that mean he got his gift already
Thank you, Juma-- that is very helpful to know.

Followup question-- so if I need starseeds more than anything, and I have lots of neighbors, should I only accept the starseeds until I get 5? In other words, is the 5 each limit for each player: (1) the number of gifts they ACCEPT, or (2) the number of gifts they are SENT?

Thank you for your help
the 5 limit is about the gift you get so even if you have 100 neighbor only you will get 5 ss per day

But you can send un limited gifts to these 100 neighbour if they didn't reach the limit too

in other word having 5 neighbor is like having 100 as you will get 5 ss the only use of higher friends is to get more whistles

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