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Monster Galaxy has been a few months of fun experience for me. It seems like a good childhood game with a simple concept of catching monster, level them, do quests, complete with other players etc.

I had enjoyed upgrading the look of my gaia avatar too.

Alas, I will be calling it a day for some reasons.(Might continue to take a peek to see what's going on. xd hehe)

-Blizzard Diablo is knocking on the door. (Been waiting for this game for years. I going to upgrade my pc for this)

-Galactic can be obtained easily with lots of $. Just buy some of them and match is over. Super spin is bad but it least it controls the balance of players who have them or without them. Galactic makes the rest of the mogas seems useless. sad

-Game is getting way too expensive even for an working personal like me. Paying such money for suppose free online game is too much. (I know i got the choice not to spent but when u see something u like, how to control gonk ) I like to spent on traveling and food. (Luckily my gf does not check my bills.... xp

-No incentives to level moga to max level (At least unlock a final last skill or final envolve of physical appearance or something. Nothing to look forward to...)

-Upgrading Gaia avatar seems pointless. At least if you can show it in pvp or making it capable to do some damage in monster galaxy fight etc. (Just suggestion.)

-Lack of new ideas of the game concept. Some new fighting styles or abilities might be good.

-Pointless repeated unwanted mogas in the inventory. At least make it tradeable for cut-priced moga cash, pots or seeds, or mogas trading with neighbors to be done paying with a little fee etc.

-Mogas obtained from collection cards (other than bamf and gnarknight) are lousy, ugly and useless...

Anyway, this is just my personal point of view. I hope everyone would continue to experience fun and good time with monster galaxy. wink
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-No incentives to level moga to max level (At least unlock a final last skill or final envolve of physical appearance or something. Nothing to look forward to...)

This is one thing that I totally agree with you. This is the reason why I think we should have some sort of a fusion feature where we can combine a main moga and a sub moga. The main moga will gain more stats and at the same time get rid of the selected sub moga. They should make it a lot harder to get the max stats of mogas that way it will take longer to put mogas in max level and thus people would more or less have different teams in PVP since it takes a lot longer to get mogas to its maximum potential
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About the new fighting way.. i like it cause it's weird to see just move but the look doesn't change, some moves up and down or left and right or flying, etc it should be with animation like: a flying moga should move it's wings and something like that to all the other mogas neutral

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