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So after playing Monster Galaxy for a while and experience rage from time to time. I come to think that these wild mogas seem to have an unfair advantage towards us.
Don't get me wrong, the mogas are fine the way they are and everyone has their own opinions and these reasons are in my opinion.

So do you want to hear how these computer programmed mogas are cheating bastards?

First of they can use their attacks as many times as they can. Why is that a problem? Well lets have a striker class moga which has high offensive power but has lower health points. They also have lower zodiac attacks to balance them out. Now with the opponent having unlimited use of their attacks, they can pretty much spam their moves without any need to worry about running out. Also don't forget about their abilities. Picture it like this, you're battling a wild Icevia that has its random ability ;time warp. If you were unfortunate enough to send out a moga with a disadvantage along with not having a countering ability and have extremely bad luck. It can potentially knockout your summoned moga in a single turn thanks to its infinite time warp from its unlimited zodiac attack.

Second is that that the mogas seem to have increased luck in all situations that depend on chance. But I guess it's because I have bad luck.

Third, wild mogas that have Regenerator or Regrowth as their ability are able to heal twice on the first turn: activating the ability then attacking. Normally it only heals after using an attack. Now include the unlimited use of moves that wild mogas are given. What you have now are annoying mogas that are there to waste your limited attacks. However, if you happen to use a moga that have the ability poison or poison spikes, the wild moga will get damaged by poison twice on the turn of activating its ability which is the only thing I find good about it.

tl;dr: Wild mogas with infinite number of attacks with increased luck along with the ability Regenerator or Regrowth are overpowered and are annoying to battle or capture.

Again, this is my opinion and this was typed after wasting like 30 starseeds and some whistle fruits to capture a Plasmians (which has regenerator fyi).
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i agree drives me freaking mad rolleyes
whistle fruits to capture a Plasmians fifa 15 Ultimate Team coins

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